Occupation: Student (Pre-physical therapy kinesiology major)

Hometown: Bergen County, NJ

Tenure: 2nd year

Favorite TV Show: Golden Girls

Favorite Quote: “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.” - Romans 12:18

The Perfect Date: Step one, have great teeth. My perfect date includes something along the lines of being wined and dined, overlooking a scenic view, and being serenaded by or watching (good) live entertainment. We would also demonstrate little to no cell phone usage. Lastly, if you fail to get a genuine laugh out of me, don’t even THINK of asking me out on a second date, buddy!

Favorite Restaurant: NuVegan Café

I’m Obsessed With: Oprah’s master class, Christmas, late night talk shows, running in nature while listening to soca music and jersey club mix music, feeling good about yourself, and of course, Sofia Vergara.


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