On Wall...

  • Bradley Beal
    "His leadership has been a lot better, in terms of talking to everybody and leading by example. He's working tremendously hard has been the floor general we need him to be, he's been terrific, he's been the head of the snake."
  • Kelly Oubre
    "That guy is incredible. He's a hard worker. I'm happy for him, every accomplishment that he reaches in this building is well earned, well deserved because he is John Wall. He is the point guard of D.C. I love him as a teammate and as a brother."
  • Jason Smith
    "We love him having his aggressive intensity out there, that’s what he’s good at. We definitely feel the difference when he’s on the floor versus off the floor, getting guys open looks, he’s attacking the rim, getting to the free throw line, distributing the ball, that’s what he does.”
  • David Aldridge
    "Trading Wall would be moronic. In a league and game that is now almost totally dominated by guards -- and point guards in particular -- moving one of the two or three fastest guys in the league with the ball in his hands, and one of the game’s best passers, is a complete non-starter, a what the (bleep) have you been smoking suggestion. "
  • Zach Lowe
    "John Wall is a superhuman athlete, but the (justified) obsession over his speed has long masked the sophisticated craft in his game. He's a gifted passer who reads all five defenders at once, and he has a mean left hand. He likes to dunk lefty, and he's good at it."
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    "John Wall is a great player. He likes to do a lot of things I like to do too, finding open guys, he likes to play in transition. Our games are similar, but our body type is a lot different. We like to drive to the rim, make plays in the paint. He's a good player, and I always try to watch his game to take a lot of things out of him too."

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