Trevor's Take - Part 1 How’s the offseason been for you and how is the foot feeling now?

TB: The offseason is going pretty good so far. My foot is in a good place right now and I’m back on the court shooting. I’m not able to do explosive work yet but hopefully within the next two weeks I can get that going. How much of the NBA playoffs have you seen and what can you make of the sudden turn of events in both conference finals?

TB: I’ve watched every game and both series are great series. I’m actually hoping Boston will beat Miami. Out west, OKC looks strong so I’m looking for a Boston-OKC NBA Finals matchup. It was only two years ago when you were drafted, how much do you now pay attention to the upcoming draft and what would you like to see the team add with their picks?

TB: I’ll pay attention to the first 5 picks just to see who we get. I’m not sure who we’ll pick because I’ve heard different things from different sources. Whoever we get I’m sure they’ll help the team. How about having a whole summer to have an organized schedule unlike last year?

TB: It’s way different than last year. We couldn’t even be in the gym, well, in our gym anyway. Just being able to get treatment and get shots up here is a big difference. Any vacations you’ve been on or are planning to go on this summer?

TB: I took my family to the mountains. It was a good experience. I haven’t been up there since I was 3 or 4 so taking my whole family was a good time. Any movies you’ve seen or are planning to see this summer?

TB: The last movie I saw was “Think Like a Man.” It was hilarious. Kevin Hart is the craziest person ever. I highly recommend it. Can you tell us about your Tru-Ballers 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament this weekend?

TB: It’s going on this weekend. If you’re in the area, the Maldon Greenburg area in South Carolina, come out, support, and have a good time. And can you tell us the meaning behind your twitter handle @35_Fitz?

TB: Well obviously 35 is my number. Fitz is for Fitzgerald, my middle name. I didn’t want to tell people that but @35_Fitz me or @35_Fitz my middle name.