DC 12 Club Fluid Ticket Program

Welcome to Fluid Ticket! The Fluid Ticket program is a top benefit for our DC 12 Club members that functions as a fan-to-fan marketplace for utilizing unused tickets. Members may return tickets for games they cannot attend to receive credit to be used within the Fluid Ticket program. With earned credit, members may upgrade their seats for games they personally attend or add additional tickets for games they would like to bring out friends/family. Please review this page for details & additional parameters.

*Please note that in order to use Fluid Ticket, your Wizards account must be in good financial standing.

To get started, download the Washington Wizards app:

Navigate to DC 12 Club Fluid Ticket Program within the Arena section of the app:



Return Tickets

Can’t use your tickets? No problem! We love seeing you at every Wizards home game, but understand you may have to miss a game or two. You can now use the Return Tickets feature to get guaranteed value for your unused tickets, which can then be used to purchase seat upgrades and additional tickets at future games through the Washington Wizards mobile app.

Return Tickets can be used to return a maximum of 10 games per season for any game during the regular season. The tickets you turn in will be used by other Wizards fans looking to upgrade their seats or add seats for that game only. Your season ticket seats will still be in place for you to use at every other home game.

Members may return tickets up to 48 hours in advance of a game. Once a game is 48 hours from tipoff, no additional returns will be permitted.

Tickets returned between 48 hours and 7 days from the scheduled tipoff will receive the value of their season ticket member rate for the tickets returned. Tickets for non-premium games returned more than 7 days (168 hours) in advance of the scheduled tipoff will receive their season ticket member rate plus an additional 15% bonus for the tickets returned.

New for the 2019-20 season: tickets for premium games returned more than 7 days (168 hours) in advance of the scheduled tipoff will receive their season ticket member rate plus an additional 50% bonus for the tickets returned! Premium games include:

  • 12/8 vs. Los Angeles Clippers
  • 2/3 vs. Golden State Warriors
  • 3/21 vs. Milwaukee Bucks
  • 3/28 vs. Los Angeles Lakers
  • 4/3 vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Please note that the final day to return tickets for the 2019-20 Wizards season will be February 29. The Return Ticket function will be deactivated at 12:01 A.M. on March 1, 2020.

Earn Credit

We will offer you Experience Credit for turning in your unused seats.

Select Seats

View your per-seat credit offer and select the seats you would like to return.

Return Tickets

Submit your seats for Experience Credit. Once seats are returned, the barcodes will become invalid.

Add Tickets

Have friends or family who want to go to the game with you? Use the new Add Tickets feature to purchase additional seats for a game! You can choose to exchange your current seats for seats together in a new location, or simply buy additional seats. It’s up to you!

Add Tickets

Select your location, select your group size, and choose whether you’d like to return your current seats. Please note that you are limited to one Add Tickets transaction per game.

Purchase Tickets

Review order summary and purchase with credit card, if


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