Off The Bench: Go-Go general manger Amber Nichols

Last week, the Capital City Go-Go announced the hiring of Amber Nichols as the team’s general manager. Nichols, who becomes the second female general manager in G League history, joined the Wizards Podcast Network’s Off The Bench podcast to discuss her journey, the historic nature of her hire, the growth of the G League, Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard as a mentor and more.


2:13 – Her journey to working with the Go-Go

3:44 – The growth she’s seen in three years with the organization

5:00 – Her aspirations and to eventually work in a front office role

6:00 – The team’s emphasis on growth and development for young players

8:06 – Seeing the G League grow, its importance in the NBA landscape

9:30 – Her relationship with Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard

11:02 – The G League resuming play, providing opportunity for players

12:18 – What it means to her to be the second female GM in G League history

14:14 – The G League providing development opportunity for non-players


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