Nick Young Mailbag

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Brandon M.:
You are playing so well this year so far. What has been the difference between your rookie year and this season?

Nick Young:
A lot of it is just playing more and the coaches having more confidence in me. My mom reminded me that I go through this all the time. At USC I had a similar first year and then I played better in my second year and I hope she continues to be right.

Leslie B.: I am a big fan and have known about you since you were a student at USC. How was your experience at USC and how did it help you become a better player?

Nick Young:
My time there was great. As a freshman there were some coaching changes and it helped me because we had an intern coach and he let me play and get used to the college game. Then Tim Floyd came and I had the opportunity to learn from someone with NBA coaching experience.

Carolina F.:
Where are your favorite places to hang out in DC?

Nick Young:
I like to go to Georgetown for shopping. I like going to Tysons Corner and I like hanging around the arena, so I would also say Chinatown.

Ernest D.: I know it is early in the season, however, I consider you a strong candidate to win sixth man of the year. How would it feel if you won that award?

Nick Young:
It would mean a lot. I was telling Antawn (Jamison) the other day I was going to try to do it because he did it. But I'm not trying to think too far ahead. Things are going well right now and I hope they continue to go that way down the road.

Chris B.:
What was your inspiration behind the "rooster" haircut?

Nick Young: I don't know. I wanted to do something different. I've always started my sophomore year off doing something wild and this was just an idea that came into my head.

Fred K.:
Where does the dunk you had over Zach Randolph on Friday rank in your best dunks list?

Nick Young: It is pretty high on the list because that was my first time in the NBA when I had a two hand dunk on somebody. It's still not better than the dunk I had over LeBron last year, that is still number 1. But I liked this one a lot.


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