Al Thornton Discusses His Summer How’s your summer gone so far?

Al Thornton: It’s been pretty busy. This is an important year for our team. We are trying to turn things around. I’ve just been busy working. I have been out in Los Angeles and Las Vegas just trying to get as much work in as possible. What have you been working on this summer?

AT: I’ve been working on my body and my ball-handling. Just trying to round out my game and work on all aspects of my game. That’s the main thing just to continue to grow. You decided to work out with the team for Summer League mini-camp. What did you take away from your time with the rest of the young guys on the team?

AT: It was great. My main reason for coming was to build chemistry and camaraderie with the guys I’m going to be playing with next season. Then I went out to Summer League and had the chance to watch those guys play. What were your thoughts on the team’s play during Summer League?

AT: I think they really played well. They played well together. The chemistry was good. They really got after it on the defensive end and that’s the thing that impressed me. At times the offense was out of sync and you expect that, but they really got after it on the defensive end and got up and down in transition. Overall I think they played well. John Wall was the MVP of Summer League, what did you think of his performance?

AT: I was impressed man. The guy is a monster. He has a different gear and he makes everyone around him better. He competes on both ends and I’m really glad that we have him here. We are now just six weeks away from training camp, how excited are you to get back together with the rest of the team?

AT:I’m very excited. I’m excited to get it going and to get better. I’m ready to go out there and play and have a winning season. We talked to Andray Blatche a few days ago and he closed the interview by saying “We are going to shock a lot of people.” What are your expectations for this team regarding the upcoming season?

AT: I agree with Dray. I definitely agree with him. We have a young talented group and once we get on the same page we will (shock a lot of people). The team also added Kirk Hinrich this off-season what do think he brings to the table?

AT: I think he will bring leadership and he will help keep us moving forward. He brings that veteran savvy leadership that all young teams need.