ESPN2 to Air Documentary on Nick Young’s "Second Chance Season"

Tonight at 10:30pm (EST), ESPN2 and ESPN2 HD will be airing "Second Chance Season", a documentary about Nick Young's triumph over tragedy through the game of basketball.

About the Documentary
Second Chance Season explores the long-term, residual effects a senseless killing can have on a single family. This documentary recounts one family’s desperate attempt to triumph over tragedy by placing all of its hopes in the basketball aspirations of its youngest son.

The centerpiece of the story is 17-year-old Nick, a two-time high school dropout who is given an eleventh hour reprieve by the school board and allowed to come back for his senior year.

Following the murder of his brother, Nick struggles to keep his family together, but his hoop dreams become a nearly unbearable burden as he realizes that only by succeeding both on and off the court with his family focus on the future and stop dwelling on its tragic past.

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