Brown Brings One Man Fastbreak to DC

Standing at six feet tall and 185 pounds, Dee Brown is far from an ordinary NBA guard.

Nicknamed “The One Man Fastbreak” while playing basketball at the University of Illinois, Brown is now bringing that speed and athleticism to the nation’s capitol. His Washington Wizards’ teammates and coaches have taken notice.

“He’s been pushing the ball,” said NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas. “He’s been getting everyone involved and he’s been taking the open shot. He’s really exciting to watch.”

Veteran point guard Antonio Daniels echoed his teammate’s sentiments.

“A guy like Dee is great on a team because he motivates guys to play. He picks you up full court every time. I love having a guy like that who is going to come in every day and push you like that.”

After a promising showing throughout training camp and preseason, it’s Brown’s defensive skills that have Head Coach Eddie Jordan excited.

“He is a tough Chicago kid that is relatively young,” Jordan noted. “He does a good job of talking on the court. He also gets into you defensively. He certainly can push the ball and find the open guy.”

“Dee Brown is really quick and brings something we haven't had in a long time," added Jordan.

The Illinois native, who was selected in the second round of the 2006 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz, spent last season playing for the Galatasaray Café Crown of the Turkish Basketball League, where he averaged 12.3 points per game.

Brown credits his time abroad with helping him fine-tune his skills and preparing him for a successful return to the NBA.

“I improved. I played a lot of minutes and I worked on my game. It made me learn more about myself and what I had to do to get back in the NBA.”

Additionally, Brown learned “to be grateful just to wake up and play basketball everyday, no matter where you are.”

Now back from overseas, Brown has had no trouble fitting into the complex, Princeton-style offense that the Wizards run. He notes that some of that may have to do with the help he has received from the team veterans.

“Gilbert Arenas and Antonio Daniels are doing a great job of helping me out and making sure I understand it completely. The coaching staff has done an unbelievable job and I’m picking it up really well.”

Brown is also thankful for the college degree he earned while representing the Fighting Illini and the Big Ten. After studying each position to learn his teammates’ roles in the offense, Brown has no problem making the necessary reads to assist his teammates.

“I’m glad I went to college and I graduated. I’ve paid attention and I’m applying what I’ve learned out on the court. I’m having fun and learning a lot thanks to [Arenas and Daniels].”

But Brown’s intelligence and superb athletic ability aren’t his only standout attributes. In addition to his successful blog and debut album, “Unwritten”, which is to be released next summer, Brown is also a loving father to his two sons, Darrian Brown and Daniel Jamal Brown, and a generous philanthropist.

Brown’s foundation, the Cathy B. Brown and Judith A Thomas Family Foundation, provides for and supports the interests of under served families through a multitude of programs.

With his drive and determination, the possibilities for the multi-faceted athlete are seemingly endless. However with less than a week until the Wizard’s season opener, Brown is focused on one thing and one thing only: the upcoming basketball season.

“Every time you see me out there I’m going to be trying my hardest. I’m going to stay positive, compete and work hard every day. Whatever my team needs me to do to win, that’s what I’m going to do.”

“I love playing the game of basketball. I respect the game and I have confidence in myself,” added Brown.