Add the 2013-14 Wizards Schedule to iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook 2007

Subscribe and add the 2013-14 Wizards schedule to your Apple iCal, Google Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook 2007. It's really easy. Just follow the simple instructions below for each application.

Add Wizards Schedule to your Google Calendar:
1. At the bottom of the calendar list on the left, click the Add down-arrow button and select Add by URL.
2. Copy and paste in the Public Calendar Address field.
3. Click Add.

Subscribe Wizards Schedule to your iCal for MAC OS users:
1. Choose Calendar > Subscribe in iCal.
2. Copy and paste in the Subscribe to field.
3. Click OK, and there you have it!

Import Wizards Schedule to your Microsoft Office Outlook 2007:
1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007.
2. Click the link and download the file onto your desktop.
3. Double click the .ics file from your desktop. Voil