Q: What games are included with each monthly pass?
A: Each month’s payment gives you access to the included games that month. The games included in the month currently available for purchase are listed above.

Q: Does my pass automatically renew each month?
A: Yes, your Pass will automatically renew for the next month through March 2020 (covering available games through April 2020.) There is an opt out window each month if you do not want your pass to renew.

Q: How do I opt out of the next month if I do not want to continue my Wizards Give and Go Pass?
A: You must opt out by the 15th of the month prior if you wish to discontinue your pass. For example, if you want to discontinue your pass for January you need to opt out by December 15th via the online form available here.

Q: Am I able to purchase a specific month of games for the Wizards Give and Go Pass at any time?
A: Only one month of games will be on sale at any given time. On the 15th of every month the current month’s plan will no longer be sold and you will only be able to purchase the following month’s games. For example on November 15th you will no longer be able to purchase a pass including games through the end of November but you will be able to purchase games included in the Pass for the month of December.

Q: Are any games excluded from the Wizards Give and Go Pass?
A: Only 3/28/2020 vs. LA Lakers is excluded.

Q: How do I get tickets to games not included in the Give & Go Pass?
A: Tickets to all Wizards games may be purchased by clicking here.
Q: Where can I expect to sit each game?
A: You are guaranteed a seat in the upper level but your specific seat location will likely vary game to game. Please note that seats will be randomly assigned to Pass buyers for each game so specific seat locations cannot be guaranteed.

Q: How do I get my seat location(s)?
A: You will first need to register your Pass. Detailed instructions will be sent to the email associated with your account shortly after your purchase or you may also click here. Once registered, you will receive a text message four hours before each game with your seat assignment(s).

Q: What if I lose the text message prior to a game?
A: Simply access the Wizards Mobile app, click the Arena button at the bottom, scroll down to the Give & Go Pass tile and click it. Once logged in your tickets for that day’s game will appear. If you have any problems please visit here.
Q: How do I get into Capital One Arena with my Pass?
A: You will receive a text message with a link to access your tickets via the Wizards Mobile app the day of each game. This will provide you with a digital barcode for each seat associated with your Pass that you may use to scan at nearly any gate.

Q: How do my guest(s) scan in?
A: All digital barcodes will be on one mobile device. If you have purchased more than one Pass all attendees must arrive at Capital One Arena together to scan in.
Q: If I buy two or more passes will my seats be next to each other?
A: Yes, passes purchased together will receive their seats next to each other.

Q: How many passes can I buy?
A: You can buy up to four passes per account.

Q: If I purchase a Give & Go Pass on the day of a game will I be able to go that day’s game?
A: Provided that you make your purchase before the 15th of the month at least 8 hours before scheduled tipoff you will have access to that day’s game. If you purchase within 8 hours of scheduled tipoff your first game will be the next game scheduled that month. If you purchase on the 15th or later your first game will be the first game the following month.

Q: My friend also purchased a Give & Go Pass separately from me. Will we be able to sit together?
A: If you would like to sit with other Give & Go Pass holders that purchased separately, you may link your Pass on a game-to-game basis by tapping Sit With Friends in the Ticket Management view, prior to seat assignment and subject to availability.

Q: If I buy more than one Pass how can my guest get his or her Pass?
A: All digital barcodes for a game will be delivered to the mobile device that registered the Pass. For example, if you purchase two passes admission and seat assignments for both seats will be delivered to your mobile device. You and your guest will need to arrive at Capital One Arena together.

Q: Do I get a discount if I purchase more than one Give & Go Pass?
A: No, there are no discounts offered for the purchase of multiple passes.

Q: Can I bring different people with me to each game?
A: Yes, different people can attend each game but the primary account holder must be present because the seats are only accessible through the mobile device of the primary account holder.

Q: When can I access my Give & Go Pass?
A: You will receive an email with detailed instruction on how to register your Pass within 48 business hours of your purchase. You must register no later than 24 hours before your first game.

Q: Can I sell my Pass for a game that I cannot attend?
A: No passes cannot be resold and are non-transferable.

Q: Can I get a refund for unused tickets?
A: Passes are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
Q: Which mobile devices are supported?
A: The Give & Go Pass is supported by Apple and Android devices. The Wizards Mobile app must also be downloaded for use of the Pass and you must have cellular/WiFi connectivity enabled. If you have any problems click here .

Q: Why do I need to use an Apple or Android device?
A: The Give & Go Pass is a mobile-only program integrated with the Wizards Mobile app. There are no printed tickets. Admission to Capital One Arena and seat assignments will be managed through the app.

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