Bring the whole family out to cheer on the Wizards this season!

This package includes 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 24 oz. sodas! (Minimum of 4 tickets required)

Questions with purchasing? Email

To redeem the hot dog and 24 oz. fountain soft drink per ticket, please scan each ticket at the cash register at one of the following locations:

  • Federal Favorites near Section 402
  • District Grill near Section 417
  • District Grill near Section 432


Please note, when redeeming the hot dog and soft drink by scanning your ticket at one of the above concession stands, tickets cannot be “stacked” within the same transaction. Each ticket within a package must be redeemed as part of its own transaction. Example: If you have a family of four with the Family Pack, each person’s hot dog and soda must be rung up, have his/her valid ticket scanned, and then have the transaction closed before proceeding on to the next person in your group’s ticket. So you will have four separate transactions. Redemptions may occur throughout the course of a game after doors open. They do not have to occur all at once.

If you have any difficulties redeeming your hot dog and soft drink, please visit one of the Guest Services locations near Section 102 and Section 402 for assistance.


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