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The Position Switch Drill for Transition Basketball

By iHoops

The Setup

Set three cones out on the court. Cone A will go on the three-point line. Cone B will go on the sideline at half court. Cone C will go on the free-throw line at the other end of the court.

Start the player at the near baseline. They immediately run to Cone A, then cut left and sprint to Cone B. Touch Cone B, then head back to Cone A. Touch Cone A, then sprint across the court to Cone C. Touch Cone C and head back to Cone A.

Once players get back to Cone A after the cross-court sprint, have a teammate pass them the ball. After a maximum of two steps, the player shoots the ball (simulating a jumper in transition). If the player makes the shot, head straight to Cone B and go through the entire course again. When players get back to Cone A for the second time, pass the ball to them and have them drive for a layup.

If the player makes both the jumper and the layup, it's one point. If the player misses the jumper, either start over (if it's an individual drill) or go to the back of the line (if it's a team drill).