The Complete First Season

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Character Descriptions

Ken Reeves
The “White Shadow” himself, Reeves is a former Chicago Bulls forward recruited to coach high school kids in a tough, inner-city neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Jim Willis
Reeves’ old friend and former college teammate is now the authoritative principal of Carver High School and Reeves' new boss.

Sybil Buchanan
This no-nonsense assistant principal frequently butts heads with Reeves, but they both want what’s best for the players.
Morris Thorpe
Equally adept at handling the ball and tricky situations, Thorpe is the team’s go-to guy on and off the court.
James Hayward
An observant, insightful young man of few words, Hayward is streetwise beyond his years.
Warren “Cool” Coolidge
Carver’s star center is a big man on campus and an even bigger man on the court with a quick first move to the basket and a powerful dunk.
Mario “Salami” Pettrino
He talks a bigger game than he plays, but this native New Yorker hides a good heart beneath his tough-talking exterior.
Milton Reese
A promising forward with a shot at a college scholarship, Reese is a team player always willing to help a friend in need.
Curtis Jackson
A talented player whose laid back attitude never reveals much of his true self, Jackson is too cool for words…and maybe for his own good.
Ricky “Go-Go” Gomez
Gomez is a former gang banger for whom basketball is a ticket off of the streets and away from his troubled past.
Abner Goldstein
Goldstein is a slightly nerdy, yet likeable young man whose studious manner and Jewish heritage make him something of an outcast.

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