Sole of the Warriors: Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston dishes on his love of Air Max, which teammate has the most impressive sneaker collection, and why he doesn't follow trends.

Whether it's 12amrun and Off-White, or laid-back in Nike tech fleece and Air Max, Shaun Livingston's style remains as consistent as his turnaround J. When it's time to pick an outfit for pregame, 13 years in the league has taught him to keep it cozy and appreciate the classics. Check out what S Dot has to say about not following trends, where his love of sneakers comes from, which teammate has the best style (the answer will surprise you), and more.

First pair of sneakers?

First sneaker memories are the Jordan 11s. I was in 6th grade in 1996, and my dad told me to go back to the truck and popped the trunk for me and there I saw a Jordan box. Before then I didn’t wear anything but, like, Adidas old school basics. It was the Jordan black and red, ’96 patent leathers. I mean, my eyes lit up. The box opened and it was like a glow in the box.

Are there any pairs you wanted as a kid that you still don't have?

I was very fortunate in high school to get a lot of Nikes and Jordans. Maybe the Jordan 11s, the white and black originals. When those came out there was no other shoe like it. Ever. The 1995 white and black classics - they changed the game. I remember there were people who were getting robbed, and this is in Illinois back when Starter jackets were in. So, Jordan 11s changed the culture, changed the game.

What is your most treasured pair?

Jordan 1s are probably my most sentimental pair. The original red, white and blacks. Again, they’re debatable as the most influential shoe of all time. I mean, before that they were playing in Chuck Taylors and Converse. When those came it’s like a whole new idea of what a shoe should kind of look like to play in.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

Probably about 50 pairs. I threw a lot out when my wife did spring cleaning. I thought about even getting rid of a lot of Jordans, but I’m gonna hold onto them.

Any pairs you could wear on court that would make Twitter go crazy?

Nah. I’m pretty simple. Again, it’s all about the basics. Jordan 1s, I’ve got all the pairs of Jordan 1s for the most part. I didn’t get the Off-White at first, those were hard. Plus, expensive. I don’t follow trends either because then they go out of style. That’s why I like the classics, because you can wear them forever. The Jordan 1s are forever. The Blazers are forever. I mean, Steve Kerr could throw on a pair of Blazers, and he’s old enough to be my dad. I’m saying that on record because he’s calling me old all the time.

How do you style your sneakers?

I like to usually pick the shoes first, unless I have a centerpiece – like, I just bought a new jacket or just got something I want to wear. Consistently, if I had to choose, it usually starts with the shoes.

Do you have go-to pairs for certain events?

For sure. Casual, practice, plane, coming into the game... I’m definitely an Air Max guy. The Air Max 1s are my favorite. I like the 97s and the 90s, the Infrareds. I like the classics.

If I’m doing a big game in the Playoffs or something, I’ll do a designer shoe. I like a nice, dress, designer sneaker. YSL makes nice designer sneakers. Buscemi makes nice designers. I’m missing a shoe... Oh, Alexander Wang partnered with Adidas and they have a cool sneaker.

What's your go-to for family functions or date nights?

Nike Blazer for sure. Low tops and high tops, depending on summer or winter. Definitely the most comfortable shoe I own.

How do you decide what outfit you’re going to wear to a game?

It all depends on the mood. It’s all about how you wake up. Of course, if it’s a bigger game maybe try to get dressed up. Last year I was – again, being in the league 13 years, I told Ian Clark, "man, it’s sweats all the way up until the playoffs" – but my wife has influenced me to start dressing up a little more. I may throw some Off-Whites in there.

Do you have a stylist?

My wife, Miss Joey. [laughs]

You know what’s funny, my wife probably has a better shoe collection than all the guys on the team. She has all the Jordans I named, all the Blazers, all the Nikes; but I’m gonna take some ownership in that with my influence. She influences me and I influence her.
We’re definitely gonna get a collection for our daughter. Once we figure her size out we’re definitely going to get her a shoe collection.

Has living in the Bay influenced your style at all?

I think my style has been kind of consistent throughout. Definitely living in Los Angeles, the Bay, Chicago and just different places. Looking at New York and just how eccentric and how different it is, the culture is different.

How would you describe your style?

I want to say classic with a twist.

Who is the most stylish guy on the team?

Andre is the easy choice, but I’m gonna give Zaza some love. For a big guy, you know it’s not easy for big guys to get it right. Nice cardigan, nice trouser collection. I mean, he surprises you. Obviously, he’s European, so that’s behind it. Plus, it’s easier to do it when you have a stylist. I don’t’ know if he has a stylist or not, but I know some guys have stylists. You know, it’s like getting a cheat code to the test.

Nick Young - his style is something else, too. As a matter of fact, shout-out to his brand. He has a brand, I don’t know if you know that, called Most Hated. So, I support the brand. We support our teammates.

Who is the biggest sneaker guy on the team?

Nick is up there, but I’d probably go Andre just because he always gets the Jordans before anybody. He doesn’t wear them as much anymore because he’s getting old, dressing up in suits and everything. You go check his closet and all the Jordans that get released, he gets them early.

Nick Young has probably got a mean collection. I’m sure Draymond has a mean collection, but my bet would go with Andre.

If you could trade sneaker collections with anyone on the team, who would it be?

Draymond. Classic with that twist. Plus, we’re from the same era so it’s definitely more my style, culture-wise.

Top 5 pairs everyone should have in their collection?

Start with Jordan 1s. The original red, white and black.

A pair of Air Max 1s for sure. You can wear them with anything. Black, white sole with the gum bottom.

After that I’m going Nike Blazers, of course. High or low tops, it doesn’t matter, but get a pair to dress up or down.

From there I’m gonna go – I’m not really a Vans guy. Vans are more of a California thing. I would wear Vans, but it’s more of the MacAdoo, Nick Young type – but I’m gonna go with the Nike SB collection.

Basketball shoe - I’d go Hyperdunks. You’ve got to go with the Hyperdunks if you’re going to play.