What They Are Saying: Omari Spellman

Omari Spellman, a 21-year-old forward who just finished his rookie season averaging 5.9 points and 4.2 rebounds in 17.5 minutes, was acquired from the Atlanta Hawks via trade in early July. The young stretch-five has several reasons why he is excited to join to Dubs this season; take a look for the history he already has with the team:

Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel Larry Harris on on what the Dubs saw in Spellman:
“We felt that the one thing that we were missing when we went into these Championships these last five years was really a stretch five. We liked what Omari did in the [pre-draft workout]… we have kept our eye on him, we just think he’s a young player that has the ability to shoot the ball, a great IQ, can pass, and I think he is going to fit-in well.”

Eric Paschall joining Villanova teammate Omari Spellman on the Dubs:
“[Laughs] Villanova guys: I just can’t get away. I leave Villanova… and then I’m with [another Villanova guy].”

From rejoining former Villanova teammate Eric Paschall to razzing rookie Jordan Poole’s Michigan Wolverines loosing to his alma mater in the NCAA Finals, Spellman had a lot to say about joining the Warriors.

On rejoining Villanova teammate Eric Paschall with the Dubs:
“Oh man, it’s just crazy! To be with Eric playing at ‘Nova, and then just seeing how he developed… just happy to be alongside him again.”

On going from a rebuilding team to the Dubs and their Championship culture:
“I came from a winning culture at Villanova, and I’m looking to contribute to another one.”

On the interest the Dubs had on him last season before being selected by Atlanta:
“The first thing they told me told me when the trade went through was they wanted to get me last year, things just didn’t work out… It’s a great feeling knowing that an organization like the Golden State Warriors wants you to be a part of it.”

On what what he thinks about joining the Dubs:
“Obviously those guys are great players, players you look up to. Game changing players! I think it’ll be fun.”

On what he looks forward to accomplishing through training camp and into next season:
“Getting better. I think I’m far from an unfinished product. The more I can learn and the more I can absorb, the more I can grow… That’s what I look forward to doing.”

On whether or not he will give Jordan Poole grief about Michigan’s loss to Villanova in the NCAA Finals:
“Oh, he ain’t heard about it yet, but he will! He will for sure.”

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