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Top Quotes from Warriors 2024 Exit Interviews

Warriors Recap 2023-24 Season and Share Encouraging Takeaways for Future

The Warriors concluded their season with Tuesday's Play-In Tournament loss and recently conducted their end-of-season exit interviews. Despite the unfortunate and abrupt ending, the players reflected on a season of growth, chemistry and knowledge while sharing some encouraging takeaways for the future.

Thank You, Dub Nation

“We've been through the highest of highs and lows. Whether it's losing a championship, winning a championship, missing the playoffs, we've been through everything together, so that does mean a lot. It makes me grateful to have the times I've had with them.” - Klay Thompson on the trio of he, Curry and Green

Klay Thompson is grateful for the bond he's been able to share with Stephen Curry and Draymond Green as they conclude their 10th season together. The trio has won four championships together and made six trips to the NBA Finals. Despite this season being the first that they missed the playoffs with the whole trio healthy, Thompson understands that you're not going to win the championship every year and still relished in the opportunity to suit up with his basketball brothers. He was most proud of the 77 games he played this season, the most since before his two catastrophic injuries in 2018-19. Thompson averaged 17.9 points and shot 38.7 percent from three this season and shot a league-best 92.7 percent from the free throw line.

Warriors Talk: Klay Thompson 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

"I have a deep appreciation for Steph, shooting and training with him day in and day out, dealing with so many off-the-court things, just life and all the different things that I know he has going on.” - Chris Paul on relationship with Curry

In his first season with the Warriors, Chris Paul built on what he considers a lifelong bond with Curry, but for the first time as teammates. From early on in training camp and throughout the season, Paul and Curry worked out together, allowing the 19-year NBA vet to witness how Curry prepares throughout the season. Combining for 34 years of experience, the pair were able to appreciate each other's approach to sustained success. Paul came off the bench for the first time in his career this season and still led the team in assists per game (6.8).

Warriors Talk: Chris Paul 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

"Moses [Moody], Trayce [Jackson-Davis], BP, [Brandin Podziemski], I think it's a great core that, if we stick together, can do big things.” - Jonathan Kuminga on 'young core'

With Trayce Jackson-Davis and Brandin Podziemski being key contributors as rookies, Jonathan Kuminga is optimistic about the potential of the young talent on this team, including him and Moses Moody. Kuminga had what he considers to be by far the best season of his young career, averaging 16.1 points on 52.9 percent shooting and starting in 18 more games than the rest of his career combined. Moody also averaged career-highs in points (8.1 PPG) and rebounds (3.0 RPG), scoring 16 points off the bench in the Play-In Tournament game.

Warriors Talk: Jonathan Kuminga 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

"It's amazing just to see high-level shooters like that. Obviously being a teammate with the two best shooters in the world, in my opinion, was something I'm never going to forget.” Brandin Podziemski on Curry and Thompson

Rookie Brandin Podziemski was very excited to share the floor with Curry and Thompson, whom he considers to be two of the league's greatest shooters. Podziemski's first season as their teammate was an unforgettable experience, as Curry finished with the third-most made threes in a season in NBA history (357), and Thompson finished fourth in the league in made 3-pointers (268). Podziemski also found success from behind the arc, shooting 38.5 percent from three, the fourth-best mark on the team.

Warriors Talk: Brandin Podziemski 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

"It was just the atmosphere that we had every day in practice, on the bus, at dinners, like it was just a really good group of young men together striving for a goal.” - Moses Moody on team's chemistry

Moses Moody appreciated the comradery of this season's team, as the daily environment was enjoyable for the third-year guard. Particularly on the road, the group was able to get to develop their bond both on and off the court. On the court, the team played with joy and the bench brought consistent energy to support their teammates. The Warriors were one of the league's best road teams this season and their chemistry undoubtedly helped them stay united.

Warriors Talk: Moses Moody 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

"He's going to keep getting better and better and better and All-Star season is coming soon for him, for sure,” - Andrew Wiggins on Jonathan Kuminga

Andrew Wiggins has great faith in Jonathan Kuminga's development. Based on his productive junior campaign, Wiggins sees Kuminga making an All-Star team soon. Wiggins made his first All-Star team as a starter for the Warriors during their 2022 championship run and sharing the frontcourt with Kuminga this season, he sees that potential in the athletic forward. Like Wiggins, Kuminga strives to be a two-way player and continue to grow into a more complete player.

Warriors Talk: Andrew Wiggins 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

Other Notable Quotes:
"I think people don't realize how this organization takes care of the players. It's an amazing place to be.” - Usman Garuba on the Warriors' organization.

Warriors Talk: Usman Garuba 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

“Going through the ups and downs and embracing the struggle, embracing the success not getting too high or too low, but just trying to stay even.” - Trayce Jackson-Davis on how he navigated his rookie season.

Warriors Talk: Trayce Jackson-Davis 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

“Watching Steph, CP, Klay, Draymond, Wiggs, all these guys who've been doing this for the pass decade or more, I tried to be a sponge and soak up as much as I can.” - Lester Quinones on learning from the vets.

Warriors Talk: Lester Quinones 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

"It's been really tough for us to handle.” - Dario Šarić on losing Coach Deki mid season.

Warriors Talk: Dario Šarić 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

“Being around them allows you to re-spark that drive of greatness.” - Jerome Robinson on getting motivated by Curry and Thompson.

Warriors Talk: Jerome Robinson 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24

"His feel for the game, his athleticism, his touch around the rim are all things that you can't just teach.” - Kevon Looney on Jackson-Davis.

Warriors Talk: Kevon Looney 2023-24 Season Exit Interview - 4/17/24