Warriors Statement Regarding Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority Matter

The Warriors will seek mediation and arbitration with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority to settle, once and for all, the matter of the Coliseum Authority’s outstanding bond indebtedness.

The Warriors have enjoyed an excellent relationship with our landlord, the Coliseum Authority, for more than four decades. That relationship has only improved under this ownership group. Since purchasing the team in 2010, the new ownership group immediately paid some $10 million that were in dispute between the Coliseum Authority and the prior ownership group, invested many millions of dollars more in a new scoreboard and other upgrades to the arena, and more recently negotiated a lease extension with an increased annual rent payment to ensure that the team will play its next two seasons at Oracle Arena.

The Warriors are hopeful that this dispute can be resolved through mediation. But, whether resolved by mediation or arbitration, the simple fact is, the team has met its obligations under the lease, and future debt payments following expiration of the contract are the responsibility of the arena’s owner and operator, the Coliseum Authority.

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