Championship Ring Hidden Gems

Established 1946 | 7-time NBA Champions

Designing a ring worthy of the finest season in Warriors history is one thing, but executing that vision? A tall task indeed, but the Warriors brought that challenge to the luxury jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, and as was unveiled on Opening Night on Tuesday, the result was flawless. Not only did the ring far exceed on the jaw-dropping “wow” factor upon first glance, it also captured a story.

Keep reading to find out how some of the ring’s intricacies are intertwined with the 2014-15 Warriors Championship season and other aspects of the franchise history.

  1. The top of the ring obviously captures the team’s Bay Bridge logo.

  2. (Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

  3. The ring contains more than six carats of diamonds and sapphires.
  4. Elements of Oracle Arena’s interior and exterior are captured in the ring’s design.

  5. Look at the ceiling of Oracle Arena, now check out the interior of the ring.(Photos: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

    The "Xs" that surround Oracle Arena, pictured on the left with a blue-light accent, are reflected in the design of the ring. (Photos: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

  6. There are 240 stones in each championship rings, each one representing the 240 regular season and postseason wins under the ownership of Joe Lacob and Peter Guber.
  7. The numbers of all 15 players from the Championship roster are engraved on the “2015” on the side of the ring.

  8. (Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

  9. Visible only under a black light, the ring contains four single stones that were made fluorescent to signify the four championships in Warriors history (2015, 1975, 1956, 1947).
  10. The ring is 14-karat gold, but the Bay Bridge logo and player numbers on top of the ring are made of a special batch of yellow gold with 67 percent purity that represents the franchise-record 67 regular season wins in 2014-15.

  11. (Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

  12. There are 16 princess-cut stones on the side of the ring to represent the 16 postseason wins it took to bring the Larry O’Brien Trophy back to the Bay.
  13. The 2014-15 NBA Champions often broke a huddle with a unified chant of “Just Us.” That motto is engraved on the inside of the ring.

  14. LEFT: The beginning of the word "JUST" can be seen inside the ring on the left; RIGHT: Part of the phrase "JUST US" can be seen going vertically on the inside of the ring on the right. (Photos: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

  15. There is one blue sapphire set on the inside of the ring to symbolize this first championship win for the team’s current ownership.
  16. The image of the team holding up the trophy from the night they won is in 3D form on the side of the ring.

  17. (Photos: NBAE/Getty Images)

Check out the video and photos below for a look at the making of the rings.