Warriors Update Design of Waterfront Event Pavilion


New Plan Increases Waterfront Open Space To Nearly Eight Acres; Includes Parks, Plazas, Expanded Public Space

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, on the third anniversary of the team’s “Lacob-Guber Era,” the Golden State Warriors released an updated design of its proposed
sports and entertainment pavilion on the San Francisco waterfront.

Today, the site is a dilapidated 13-acre pier that’s falling into the Bay. The Warriors would restore the crumbling pier, build a new event pavilion, and
create nearly eight acres of new public open space on the waterfront – the equivalent of three new Union Squares.

With parks, plazas, and wide-open paths featuring views of the Bay, in “Design 3.0” the open space has grown from half of the project area to 60 percent.
The new, slimmed-down design reduces the event center area by over 30,000 square feet, expands total open space by nearly one acre, lowers building
heights, and removes 1.3 million cubic feet of volume.

Project Comparison – Pier 30-32 Development Version 1.0/Version 2.0/Version 3.0

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

Version 3.0

Pavilion Height

135 feet

125 feet

110ft top of façade, 125 ft top of arena roof

Pavilion Size

771,000 GSF

728,000 GSF

695,000 GSF

Pavilion Seating Capacity

Up to 19,000



Total Open Space Area

50% of site (6.3 acres)

53% of site (6.7 acres)

60% of site (7.6 acres)

Open Space at Pier Level

3.2 acres

3.3 acres

3.9 acres

Public Plaza at NW Corner

Permanent Bike Valet Spaces




Retail Size

105,000 GSF

90,000 GSF

90,000 GSF

Event Plaza Height

35 feet

37 feet

28 feet

NE Plaza Height

55 feet

55 feet

37 feet

Parking Spaces




Deep Water Berth Provided

Public Ramp Around Pavilion

Exhibition Hall

Net Pier Deck Removal




“Right now, Piers 30-32 are a $50 million liability to the city – it’s literally crumbling into the Bay. Every other previous developer has walked away
because of the huge cost of fixing the pier. Well, we’ve got a vision for what this incredible location could be, and we’re stepping up,” said Joe Lacob,
Co-Executive Chairman and CEO of the Warriors.

The design incorporates more than a year of feedback from regulatory agencies and citizens. “Design 3.0” includes changes based on recommendations from the
Bay Conservation Development Commission (BCDC). Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. recently signed a law to ensure that the Warriors’ Piers 30-32 plan would be
consistent with the Public Trust.

“This is an incredible opportunity for the region,” Lacob said. “Building a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly event pavilion, amid a myriad of
public transportation options, represents smart development and an incredible economic engine, and it will ensure that the Warriors remain the Bay Area’s
NBA team for the next 50 years.”

“Going into this project, we wanted to build a world-class event center that incorporates the best in design and technology,” said Peter Guber,
Co-Executive Chairman of the Warriors. “Now, because of the constructive feedback we’ve received, Piers 30-32 will also be transformed into a world-class
waterfront park and public gathering place that serves as a model of sustainable urban development.”

Lacob and Guber and their ownership group purchased the Warriors on November 12, 2010. Having advanced to the playoffs only once in the previous 17 years,
last season the Warriors won 47 regular-season games, advanced to the Western Conference Semifinals and won more playoff games than any season since 1977
(six). Entering the season, ESPN ranked the Warriors No. 5 out of the NBA’s 30 teams in their “future rankings.”

“This new updated design lives up to the importance of this incredible waterfront site and fuses together the vision of the Golden State Warriors with the
landscape of the bay and the input we’ve heard over the past several months from neighbors, community leaders and regulatory agencies,” said Craig Dykers,
Architect and Founding Partner of Snøhetta. “Each design we’ve introduced has built on previous versions to create a place that provides for everyone:
fans, pedestrians, bicyclists, tourists, local residents and the diverse community of San Francisco.”

The privately-financed event pavilion will be located at Piers 30-32 on San Francisco Bay, south of the Bay Bridge, between the Ferry Building and AT&T
Park. The City will provide the site and the Warriors will pay the upfront costs of repairing the piers (at an estimated cost of $120-170 million).

“This updated design reduces the overall footprint of the event center, tremendously expands open space and builds an expansive new waterfront plaza for
the public to enjoy,” said Rick Welts, President and COO of the Warriors. “Incorporating all of the important feedback we’ve received from the community,
neighbors and regulatory agencies was vital – and we believe Snøhetta has done an incredible job building that feedback into the design.”

Updated renderings are at https://www.warriors.com/sf

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