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Wright, Lasme Introduced At Press Conference

The Warriors introduced two of their three 2007 draft picks on Monday, July 2, as the team held a press conference to help welcome Brandan Wright (#8 overall selection) and Stephane Lasme (#46 overall) to the organization. The Warriors' other selection, Marco Belinelli (#18 overall), has temporarily returned to Europe and was not in attendance. The press conference was held as part of a special court unveiling at Lowell Park in Oakland. For audio, video and photos of the press conference and court unveiling, click the links below.


Tim Roye Analyzes The Draft

Much like the Warriors front office, radio broadcaster Tim Roye has been busy lately, answering e-mails, offering his draft insights and conducting interviews. In his most recent Journal Entry, Tim analyzed Thursday's draft and the moves the Warriors made. Find out what he had to say, and stay up to date on all of Roye's journals, including his interviews with Chris Mullin and Baron Davis, by clicking here.

Warriors Draft Party

Jillian's in San Francisco was the place to be on Thursday, as it was the site of the Warriors' annual Draft Party. Thunder, the Warrior Girls, broadcasters Matt Steinmetz and Jim Barnett and more than 400 fans were all on hand to see who the Warriors would pick up in the NBA Draft. For a photo gallery of the event, click here.

Brandan Wright was interviewed by Tim Roye at the Warriors' 2007 Draft Press Conference.

WATCH (July 2, 2007)

Stephane Lasme was interviewed by Tim Roye at the Warriors' 2007 Draft Press Conference.

WATCH (July 2, 2007)

Following his press conference with the local media on Monday, Brandan Wright spoke to Tim Roye and Ralph Barbieri on KNBR. LISTEN (July 2, 2007)

Find out what Chris Mullin had to say when he spoke with members of the local media at the conclusion of the draft.

WATCH (June 28, 2007)

Following the Warriors' busy draft day, Chris Mullin sat down for an interview with ESPN.

WATCH (June 28, 2007)

After being traded to the Warriors, Brandan Wright sat down for an interview with Andy Katz.

WATCH (June 28, 2007)

Watch video of Marco Belinelli being selected by the Warriors with the 18th pick in the 2007 Draft.

WATCH (June 28, 2007)

Tim Roye spoke with Chris Mullin and Marco Belinelli on a special post-draft edition of Warriors Radio Roundtable Listen to the interviews here.
MULLIN | BELINELLI (June 28, 2007)

Chris Mullin spoke with Warriors radio broadcaster Tim Roye about the upcoming NBA Draft. You can listen to the interview here. LISTEN (June 21, 2007)

Watch as NBA TV analyzes the Warriors past season and predicts their probable strategy for the upcoming 2007 NBA Draft.

WATCH (June 20, 2007)

Watch video of 2006 First Round selection Patrick O'Bryant being drafted by the Warriors and later being interviewed on ESPN.

WATCH (June 28, 2006)

2005 Second Round pick Monta Ellis sat down with Tim Roye to discuss his draft experience on a special draft edition of Warriors Radio Roundtable. Hear an excerpt of it here. LISTEN (June 8, 2006)


First Round
#8 - Brandan Wright*
*Aquired via trade with Charlotte

#18 - Marco Belinelli

Second Round
#46 - Stephane Lasme


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