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How do you think the Warriors did on draft day?

How do you think the Warriors did on draft day?

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Check out the photo gallery of the Warriors rookies whirlwind 24 hours, click here
Audio Clips

  • Mike Dunleavy from press conference

  • Jiri Welsch from press conference

  • Steve Logan from press conference

  • Mike Dunleavy on the Jim Rome radio show

    Draft Day Behind-the-Scenes Gallery
    Part One | Part Two

    Draft day audio

  • Tim Roye and Garry St. Jean discuss Dunleavy

  • Mike Dunleavy with Tom Tolbert, Ralph Barbieri and Tim Roye

    part two

  • Tim Roye and Garry St. Jean discuss Jiri Welsch and Steve Logan

  • Jiri Welsch with Larry Krueger and Tim Roye

  • Saint on the draft

  • Saint on meeting Dunleavy

  • Saint discusses Jiri Welsch

  • Saint on Steve Logan

  • Saint pleased with Gilbert Arenas

  • Gary Fitzsimmons on the '01 and '02 Draft

  • Fitzsimmons on the draft focus

    Who are the new Warriors?

    Read the draft profile and check out all the stats of the Warriors new trio of rookies

  • Mike Dunleavy
    Draft day quotes
  • Jiri Welsch
    Draft day quotes
  • Steve Logan

    The Golden State Warriors drafted a pair of college standouts who both hail from successful college programs and traded for a highly-touted foreign player during the NBA Draft on June 26th. The Warriors selected Mike Dunleavy (#3 pick) and Steve Logan (#30 pick) with their own picks in the draft and also acquired the draft rights to Jiri Welsch (#16 overall) from the Philadelphia 76ers. more......

    Saint Answers Your Questions

    Warriors General Manager answered fans E-mails on Tuesday afternoon. Read what he had to say, click here

    Bob Fitzgerald Chat Recap

    Warriors television broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald chatted live with fans on Tuesday.

  • Click here read his answers

    Garry St. Jean and Gary Fitzsimmons Meet the Media Before the Draft

    Warriors General Manager Garry St. Jean and Assistant General Manager Gary Fitzsimmons met with the media to discuss a variety of topics regarding the upcoming draft. Listen to the following audio links to hear what they had to say:

    Garry St. Jean:

  • On some of the factors used to evaluate players

  • On meeting with Mike Dunleavy

  • On Mike Dunleavy

  • On Caron Butler

    Gary Fitzsimmons:

  • Breaks down this year's draft

  • The Strategy of Drafting

  • On Drew Gooden

  • On European players affecting Casey Jacobsen's draft position

  • On Curtis Borchardt

  • On Nikoloz Tskitishvili

    Meet the Press

    All the top prospects met with the media before the draft. Read their quotes from the hour-long session.

  • Click here to read what they had to say

    Warriors Own Two of First 30 Picks in Draft:

    Entering the 2002 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors own two of the first 30 picks (#3 – its own first-round choice, #30 – its own second-round choice)…Due to Minnesota forfeiting its first-round pick, the Warriors can choose from two of the first 29 players selected in the draft...The Warriors have owned the third overall pick in the draft just six times, and has selected in the draft’s top-three just 10 times.

  • For the entire draft order, click here

    Garry St. Jean Draft Success:

    Since becoming the Warriors’ general manager prior to the start of the 1997-98 season (after the 1997 NBA Draft had taken place), Garry St. Jean has been at the forefront of four Golden State drafts.

  • Click here to see what St. Jean has done in each draft

    Warriors All-Time #3 Overall Picks
    Year Player College
    1950 Paul Arizin Villanova
    1955 Gene Shue Maryland
    1963 Nate Thurmond Bowling Green
    1966 Clyde Lee Vanderbilt
    1986 Chris Washburn N.C. State
    1993 Anfernee Hardaway Memphis State
    Warriors All-Time #30 Overall Picks
    Year Player College
    1954 Chuck Noble Louisville
    1957 Ray Radziszewski St. Joseph's (PA)
    1961 Jack Egan St. Joseph's (PA)
    1963 Dave Downey Illinois
    1984 Steve Burtt Iona

    NBA Selections with #3 and Early Second-Round Success:

    Take a look at some of the players selected with the #3 overall pick over the years since the NBA began keeping draft records in 1957. Many players have also been seleced with either the first or second pick of the second round (Warriors own first pick of second round this season) and have had success in the NBA despite being a late selection.

  • To check out the lists, click here

    NBA Draft History:

    Check out 2002 NBA Draft notes, see who was picked where at last year’s draft and much more!!!

  • Click here to visit the Draft History Page

    Last Seasons Draft:

    The Warriors selected Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy and Gilbert Arenas last season and all three played key roles on the 2001-02 squad. Check out the multimedia links from draft day last year and press conference welcoming the trio to Oakland the following day:

  • Jason Richardson
  • Troy Murphy
  • Gilbert Arenas

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