Warriors Rookies Meet the Media

Introductory Press Conference Held for Poole, Smailagic and Paschall

The Warriors held an introductory press conference for 2019 draft picks Jordan Poole, Alen Smailagic and Eric Paschall. Warriors television broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald emceed the event, which also featured Warriors President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Bob Myers. Watch the full press conference in the video above, or read up on some of the top excerpts in the quotes to follow.

Jordan Poole on Green’s co-sign, and the Michigan vs Michigan State rivalry:
“Just being able to see how Draymond he even said that I get the approval, it means a lot. You know how much he loves Michigan State and how serious he takes the rivalry so being able to say that I’m somebody that he liked and he gave a thumbs up and a co-sign, it definitely means a lot.”

Eric Paschall on being drafted to the Warriors:
“It means a lot. I mean, I actually told my parents through this whole draft process I wanted to get to the Warriors... everything ended up working out and I just appreciate that, I mean it’s all a blessing just to be here... just to hear your name called in the draft is a really big blessing.”

Alen Smailagić on getting ready to join the Warriors:
“I really wanted to join this club because in [Santa Cruz]... players have been really nice to me because I was the youngest one and they didn’t react like I’m some child. They reacted to me like I’m a real player, like a professional, and I really like that.”

On how they chose the numbers they will wear with the Warriors:
Paschall: “All of the numbers I wanted were taken, so I had to (laughs), I had to choose one.”
Poole: “Yeah, I’ve had [the number] two for a while now, but obviously that’s taken as well, so I just went up a number.”
Smailagić: “I wanted the number nine, but I chose the number six — turned it upside down.”

On their playmaking style and immediate contributions:
Paschall: “I think I could just bring energy, I mean one thing I’ve learned at Villanova is learning different roles... I wasn’t always the star there and, I mean, you just got to find a way to make an impact in whatever way you can even if that’s on or off the court.”
Poole: “I feel like with my size, being able to play the 1 and 2 combo guard, but kind of going off what Eric said: just being able to just make an impact in any way.”
Smailagić: “I think that I can shoot and for a big guy I can really dribble the ball. I can attack the bigger players.”

On who they watched and modeled themselves after:
Poole: “I watched [Stephen Curry] a lot growing up — just how he’d be able to create space and get his shot off. But I also watched CJ McCollum and Devin Booker: bigger guards, but guards who are crafty, being able to play on the ball and off the ball.”
Smailagić: “Yeah, I looked at [Kevin Durant]. He’s like a big guy that can shoot, that can dribble... I just look up to him.”

Paschall on coming to the Bay Area after spending his life on the East Coast:
“Yeah, this is brand new to me. I’ve been in the East Coast my whole life, so being out here is kind of different. I’ve heard it’s a lot slower than New York… I appreciate it. I was training in California and it was a lot slower, but everybody is a lot nicer too.”

On what they want to accomplish in Summer League:
Smailagić: “I just want to play just to enjoy the game.”
Poole: “Just being able to play again. You know, we’ve been working out this entire process, and working out with so many teams, being able to a have a stable team and playing with guys that you’ll be able to play with for the next couple of years... just finding a way to really just get back and get into the flow of things.”
Paschall: “Definitely be able to play out there, but also kind of want to win the Championship just because that’s just how I am. Since we’re going out there and everybody’s competitive, I would like to win the Summer League Championship.”

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