Takeaways from Virtual Happy Hour with Tim Hardaway, Presented by Michelob Ultra

The Warriors’ Season Ticket Member Virtual Happy Hour, presented by Budweiser and hosted by Kelenna Azubuike, returned Thursday with a live video chat with former Warriors guard and five-time All-Star Tim Hardaway. The interview, held on Facebook, included a special opportunity for Dub Nation’s Season Ticket Members to ask Hardaway questions.

In a 45-minute-long online conversation, the duo covered topics from Hardaway’s favorite memories of the Run TMC era to what it was like raising a son who plays basketball as well. Take a look at some of the quotes and responses to Dub Nation’s questions below.

AZUBUIKE: "Do you have any funny or interesting Don Nelson stories?""
HARDAWAY: “My first year there, I think it was my first game… Nellie had a six-pack on him. He had put two beer in his (right) jacket pocket, put two in that (left) jacket pocket, he had put one in his suit’s top jacket pocket, and he had one in his hand, drinking. So he always carried a six-pack with him after the game. He was always that way, he was always fun.”

DUB NATION: “What is you best memory of using your crossover on someone?”
HARDAWAY: “It wasn’t even in the NBA. I was coming back from my ACL injury (missed 1993-94 season) when everybody had stopped picking me up full court. And when I came back from my ACL in the Summer League, they was like ‘oh, we’re picking you up full court.’ I had people that had never picked me up picking me up full court. It was like ‘we’re going to see if you got it, we think that you have lost it.’ That’s what that told me: ‘We think that you have lost it.’ So I said ‘ok, I’m telling you man, I’m back.’ So I crossed this dude over and he came right out of his shoe. I mean literally… and he couldn’t play no more because back then you only had one pair of shoes because it was the Summer League, so he was done for the night.”
AZABUIKE: “Can you imagine you had social media back then?”
HARDAWAY: “Oh, I would’ve had 300 billion followers.”

AZUBUIKE: “You were someone that played in Oracle Arena both with and against the Warriors. What was it like for you having that energy behind you and then coming in to play against that?”
HARDAWAY: “I’m just going to tell you: these are some basketball fanatics. Their I.Q. for basketball is through the roof. They know if you’re dogging it, they know if you’re not playing your hardest. They know if you’re out there just going through the motions and they will tell you. They’ve been through a lot of basketball — I’m talking about Al Attles, you got Rick Barry, you got Wilt Chamberlain — I’m telling you they know a lot about basketball, and they will let you know if you’re not out there doing what you’re supposed to do. They are some loyal fans… we wasn’t winning, and it was a sellout! We wasn’t even in contention of being in the playoffs, bu they were there every night, and they cheered every night, and we loved them for that.”