Klay Thompson: Efficiency in Motion

Tuesday night brought us another outstanding performance from Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson. The Splash Brother recorded his second 40-point performance of the year against the visiting New York Knicks, finishing with 43 points on 7-of-16 from beyond the arc. A high-scoring game is always nice, but a closer look at his numbers reveals just how productive the eight-year veteran was on Tuesday.

Thompson only needed to dribble the ball four (yes, just FOUR) times the whole game to score his 43 points. On top of that, he never went to the free throw line. The Warriors’ ability to screen off the ball, move, and pass simply let Klay be Klay.

We saw this remarkable level of efficiency earlier this season when Golden State visited the Chicago Bulls in October as well. Thompson went off in historic fashion, breaking Stephen Curry’s record for 14 treys in an NBA game en route to a 52-point performance. All of that was done in just 27 minutes on the floor. That’s 1.92 points per minute. Oh, and he dribbled only nine times on his scoring plays.

Or how about December 2016 when the Warriors hosted the Indiana Pacers? If you don’t remember that one, here’s a refresher: 60 points in 29 minutes. In other words, that was 2.06 points per minute! How many times did he dribble? Just 11 bounces total; and here’s the kicker, he held the ball for a total of 90 seconds, or 1.73 seconds per touch.

Add these accomplishments to his January 2015 performance against the Sacramento Kings where he set NBA records in points in a quarter (37), 3-pointers in a quarter (nine), and tied the record for field goals made with 13. Not bad in just 12 minutes!

He doesn’t have to move around or dribble much to make his shot, but you could still say he is efficiency in motion. Klay Thompson: record breaker, All-Star, NBA Champion, and a tendency to make NBA history with explosive performances.

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