Relive Stephen Curry’s Western Conference Finals Performance

The odds were stacked against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals before the series even began. They had already lost DeMarcus Cousins to a torn quad in the first round and Kevin Durant went down with a strained calf in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semifinals. Down two starters, the team would need someone to carry the scoring load for the team in order to defeat the Portland Trail Blazers and advance to the NBA Finals.

Enter Stephen Curry, a man on a mission. From the tip-off of Game 1 against the Portland Trail Blazers, it was clear that Curry’s energy was on another level.

That splash, which came with just under three minutes left in the first quarter, was his first of the night. He would not score again until there was just over one minute left in the second quarter. But within the final minute of the first half, Curry would score eight points, including two from beyond the arc for a 19-point half.

That was a hot start to a game that would end with him on fire: Curry finished with 36 points on 9-of-15 (60 percent) shooting from beyond the arc.

It was an electric performance in which his output tied that of Portland’s All-Star backcourt of Damian Lillard (19 points) and CJ McCollum (17 points). But little did anyone know that game was a prelude for the story to come.

Though not as efficient from deep in Game 2 (he shot just 28.6 percent on thee-pointers), Curry would go on to, quite literally, one-up his previous performance and finish with 37 points.

If the shots were not falling from deep like in his previous game, how did Curry still rack-up so many points in Game 2? First: he was perfect from the free throw line with all 11 of his shots. Second: he was creating shots with his handles.

If anybody was expecting a different result when the series shifted to the Pacific Northwest when Portland hosted Game 3, they forgot to tell Curry. It was a new location, but same result as he would finish another 36-point game.

There was zero doubt that Curry had been cooking over the first three games, but believe it or not, he was saving his best for last: Game 4 would be his best night of the Western Conference Finals across the board.

In a series-clinching game on the road, Curry managed to go off once again for 37 points. Additionally, he was able to add 13 rebounds and 11 assists for a triple double, joining teammate Draymond Green (18 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists) as the only duo in NBA history to finish with triple doubles in the same postseason game.

Somehow, in a game that went into overtime and after already playing a combined 111 of a possible 144 minutes from the first three games of the series, Curry was moving like he had in Game 2 and scoring efficiently like back in Game 1.

Though the four-game sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals was a group effort as the team was filling in the gaps left by the injured Durant and Cousins, Curry led the charge in scoring for the team. By the end of the Western Conference Finals, the former unanimous MVP selection finished with 36.5 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 7.3 assists in almost 40 minutes per game.

His stat line was more than just impressive though -- it was one for the history books. His 146 points were the most by any player in a four-game sweep in the NBA Playoffs.

Stephen Curry continues to add to his legacy as one of the premier shooters in basketball history with performance such as these. But as incredible of a showing as it was, it is no reason to celebrate just yet as one more challenge remains: the NBA Finals. His skills and scoring ability will be needed as the Dubs look to capture another Championship starting on May 30th.

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