Q+A with Shaun Livingston and Zaza Pachulia

Catch Up with Former Dubs, Now Basketball Operations Staff at Warriors Open Practice

It was all smiles at Warriors Open Practice as the squad put on a show for Dub Nation on Saturday. Ahead of the team’s practice, former Dubs Shaun Livingston and Zaza Pachulia spoke with Warriors broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald to discuss the 2021-22 Warriors and their decision to return to the organization in a new capacity as Director of Player Affairs and Engagement and Liaison, Basketball and Business, respectively.

On what the team hopes to get out of training camp and preseason

Livingston:“The biggest thing we’re trying to get is to build chemistry. We got some new guys, trying to plug them in, get them comfortable. Obviously, get some rhythm for our vets and a lot of new guys, the rooks this year…try to get them implemented in our system.”

On Klay Thompson’s return

Livingston: “The physical part is there but the mental part is everything, and it’s also emotional in that way…To see him go through this process, I know he’s learned a lot about himself. It’s been very humbling and I know he’ll appreciate the game even more.“

Pachulia: “This guy can’t wait to get back on the court…This guy after (Friday’s preseason) game, went back to the practice court and got shots up…This small detail tells you how anxious he is to get back. He loves this game and basketball has been his life and continues to be so…When its Klay’s return night, proabably 6AM or 7AM, I’ll be sitting in my seat, waiting for game time. That’s how excited I am. That’s how much I miss Klay. ”

On the greatness of Stephen Curry

Pachulia: “What I’m trying to do is enjoy every single game of Stephen Curry. Let’s appreciate what we have. We have somebody very, very special on and off the court…Let’s enjoy this moment, let’s enjoy every three-point shot…This guy is truly special, not only for the Warriors fans but for sports fans overall.”

On Draymond Green’s impact on the team

Livingston: “I think we all know, he’s the heart and soul of this team, this organization, the Bay Area, some of the best fans in the world…But what he brings to the team is really hard to quantify. Some guys just have a will to win and he brings that, he gives us our edge.”

Pachulia: “Two words I would mention: experience and leadership. That’s very, very important… It’s important whose your mentor, who are you learning from. Not only verbally but his actions so I think Draymond (Green) embraced that role, especially in the last two years. He understood what his presence, not only on the court but off the court, meant for these young guys.”

On their decision to return to the Warriors

Livingston: “Playing with the Warriors, (it was) definitely the best basketball that I ever played, ever been a part of. And what was so special about it was…not just the championships, but the memories, the bonds, the relationships that you forge off the court as well. That’s what made it easy for me to come back and work for the Golden State Warriors. Classy organization, do things the right way.”

Pachulia: “In those two years that I was here, those memories for me (were) amazing. It’s priceless. The memories me and my family we built on and off the court with this amazing fan base, with this amazing organization, with my amazing teammates and we are friends, and I call them friends. So I’m very thankful, very humbled for these relationships and these experiences…Now still to be able to continue building those memories and relationships with these guys and bring the value at the same time off the court for this organization means everything. So I’m very grateful for the opportunity and I’m very grateful to raise my family (my kids) here in the Bay Area.”

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