NCT Dream Member Chenle Talks Stephen Curry, Makes Playlist for Dub Nation

Meet a special member of Dub Nation: NCT Dream member Chenle. The K-Pop superstar curated a special Dub Nation Playlist, a Spotify playlist to pump you up prior to every Warriors home game, for Sunday’s matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Keep your eyes and ears out for the playlist. It drops Sunday prior to the game’s tipoff.

See what songs he picked and get to know more about this Dubs fan below. Chenle discussed what it means to be part of Dub Nation, and NCT Dream’s new album drop in this exclusive Q&A.

WARRIORS.COM: Why are you a Warriors fan?
CHENLE: First of all, I’m a huge Stephen Curry fan. I also love the team atmosphere and the teamwork and team play during their games.

WARRIORS.COM: What does being a part of a global fanbase like Dub Nation mean to you?
CHENLE: It’s awesome. I’ve been a Warriors fan for about 5-6 years now, and it’s great to be acknowledged as a fan within the Dub Nation fanbase.

WARRIORS.COM: When did you become a fan of the Warriors? Do you remember the first Warriors game you watched?
CHENLE: My friend actually first told me to check a game out—and once I watched a game, I noticed how great the Warriors’ teamwork was, and that’s when I started taking more interest in the team.

And then when I watched the Warriors game against OKC on February 27, 2016—that was when I really became a huge fan of Stephen Curry as a player. I had never seen a player pull off such amazing play after amazing play.

WARRIORS.COM: How is Stephen Curry inspiring you? Why is he someone you look up to?
CHENLE: He always gives his all during every game, and I always see him trying to improve his game both on and off the court. That’s really inspiring. And especially when he’s off the court, he shows people that he’s a great husband, father and son. He’s one of my role models.

WARRIORS.COM: Tell us about your new album: Is there any inspiration behind the album? How long have you been working on it/how did it come together? What’s your favorite song in it?
CHENLE: Our first full-length album, ‘Hot Sauce,’ is an album that showcases a wide variety of NCT DREAM’s many charms and also our growth as a group. We’ve been working on it for a few months, so it’s awesome to finally have it out and see all the fan reaction to it. My favorite song off the album is ‘Rainbow.’

WARRIORS.COM: Do you have any plans to come to the U.S. to perform in the future (post covid)? U.S. Tour? If your schedule allows, would you come to a Warriors game?
CHENLE: If I get the opportunity to, I’d love to. Once things get better—I want to perform in front of our fans, go visit the CHASE Center and watch a Warriors home game… And maybe even meet Steph and become friends. I got to go watch the game in Shanghai in-person in October 2017, and that was one of the happiest moments of my life. Even just the thought of possibly going to a Warriors home game makes me so excited.

WARRIORS.COM: Do you have a favorite live performance you’ve done? Favorite song to perform?
CHENLE: I’d personally want to perform our latest title track – ‘Hot Sauce’ in front of our fans.

WARRIORS.COM: What artists would you want to collaborate with?
CHENLE: Ed Sheeran! I love his songs so much.

WARRIORS.COM: What went into this playlist you curated for Dub Nation? Any inspiration?
CHENLE: The playlist I curated for Dub Nation includes songs that I personally enjoy listening to. And personally, I feel that Thunder by Imagine Dragons is a song that goes really well with game of basketball.

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