Poole Party: Jordan Poole Putting His Development, Confidence on Display

The Sophomore Warrior is Averaging 20.6 Points Over His Last Eight Games

It’s déjà vu all over again for Jordan Poole and Dub Nation: since returning from a stint in the G League with the Santa Cruz Warriors, Poole has demonstrated growth in his game and is putting it on display at the NBA level.

During his rookie campaign, Poole was assigned to Santa Cruz for a span of three games in December. Upon his return to the NBA, Poole demonstrated he had grown rapidly with the “Sea Dubs,” coming back dishing assists at a rate he had never reached prior in his college career.

Fast forward to this season and it’s much the same story, but in a new way with Poole.

The Michigan product was assigned to the Santa Cruz Warriors for the G League’s 15-game season in Orlando. He was recalled prior to the end of the G League season, having played in 11 Sea Dubs games. In his eight games back at the NBA level, Poole has now shown added development on offense, but this time as a scorer.

In the eight games since his return, Poole has averaged 20.6 points on 3.1 treys per game.

“He’s just more confident,” said Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr following the team’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Mar. 15 when Poole had 14 points in 20 mins of action. “He got into a good rhythm in Orlando and got a lot of experience and playing time… Jordan just looks more confident and more comfortable.”

This isn’t a fluke or luck, either. Poole’s dedication to putting in the work with coaches has been well documented, and his teammates have seen his work ethic first-hand.

“I don’t know many people that work harder than Jordan,” said Draymond Green following the Dubs’ win over the Houston Rockets on Mar. 17. “Now he’ll start to reap the rewards from that.”

Green expanded on Poole’s improving skillset saying: “He’s shooting the ball with a lot of confidence. Making quick decisions. He seems just to be overall better.”

One area of clear improvement has been Poole’s efficiency of late. Through these last eight games, Poole has made better decisions in his shot selection. His 20-points-plus per game has not come on a high volume of shots. In fact, he has remained above the gold standard of the 50-40-90 percentages, with 51.3 on field goals, 41.0 on 3-point shots and 91.7 from the free throw line.

Prior to the G League assignment this season, he averaged 5.5 points per game on 42.6 percent from the field and 33.3 percent beyond the arc.

Juan Toscano-Anderson, who has played with Poole in the 2019 Summer League and stints in the G League as well prior to being on Golden State’s roster, also has nothing but praise for the now 21-year-old guard’s mentality.

“I’m a big fan, huge fan of Jordan… I’ve been a fan of his since I first met the kid.” said Toscano-Anderson following the Warriors’ Saturday night loss to the Memphis Grizzlies in which Poole dropped 26 points with three splashes. “I’m probably his biggest fan.”

But Toscano-Anderson also addressed some of the criticisms Poole and young players receive as they enter into the league and are demanded to mature and develop at a fast pace.

“It’s unfortunate that we live in a microwave generation and people want instant results. That’s a 20-year-old kid that came into the league… the kid in the top one-percent of his profession. I don’t understand why people shade kids who come into the league and struggle.”

But Toscano-Anderson knows the social-media-free Poole is laser-focused on building on his game. “He’s been on a mission,” he said, “I don’t think anybody is working as hard as him… He’s got a bright future.”

The continued development of the 21-year-old Poole in just his second season at the NBA level remains something for Dub Nation to watch and enjoy.

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