What They Are Saying in The Dubble - 9/30/20

Hear From the Dubs After Day Eight of Minicamp

Following the eighth day of Warriors Minicamp, presented by Oracle NetSuite, Head Coach Steve Kerr and Damion Lee took to the mic to speak with media on a wide range of topics including their latest takeaways from minicamp and the importance of participating in the upcoming general election.

Take a listen to what they had to say following Day 8 in the Dubble:

On the importance of the participating in the general election:
“This election is huge for us as Americans, for people in this country; for Black, brown, Latino, minority people, this election is huge so just make sure you’re registered to vote.”

On continuing racial justice conversations:
“It’s just a matter of trying to promote change…this isn’t a moment, this is a movement so continue to fight for everything that’s right.”

On his takeaways from the Dubble:
“The main thing that’s been eye opening to me in the Dubble is just how genuine people are…a lot of the off the court stuff that we’ve been doing, whether that’s having guest speakers, just showing how genuine our coaching staff and front office are about seeing how we are as people more-so how we are as basketball players.”

On Klay Thompson at practice inside the Dubble:
“Klay is Klay, whether it's on the court or off the court. He looks explosive, dunking, talking to guys, encouraging guys, bringing guys along…he’s going to be himself through and through and it’s definitely just a joy just to have him around and talk to him and still continue to pick his brain.”

On Klay Thompson at practice inside the Dubble:
“I think he’s just feeling better each day, just the consistency of playing against this caliber of competition and speed and strength is just a very natural part of the process for Klay…Pulling up and splashing a thirty-footer in transition, he’s looking really bouncy…It’s all been positive.”

On former Clippers coach Doc Rivers’ impact on the NBA:
“His voice is so crucial. With the current social movement, his words have been so powerful, his leadership has been so strong and important. So I want to just thank Doc (Rivers)…thank him for his leadership within the league during his many, many years of coaching.”

On Damion Lee’s role with the Warriors:
“Well I think the biggest thing with Damion (Lee) is that he’s become a really big part of our soul, of our fabric. He’s such a great human being and a great teammate. The way he approaches each day, the maturity level, the leadership, so he’s an integral part of this…I know that Damion is a big part of our identity and our culture and I am really thankful to have him here, he’s an amazing person and a good solid pro.”

On Stephen Curry’s conditioning:
“I’ve never be around anybody who prepares any better than Steph (Curry). And so, he’s going to leave no stone unturned…I have no doubt that he’s working his tail off and he’s going to have a phenomenal season for us. There’s little doubt in my mind because I’ve seen the conditioning and the work he’s put in and he looks better than ever.”

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