Cousins: My Favorite by Far is Klay

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The Warriors’ signing of DeMarcus Cousins became official earlier this month, and on Thursday Cousins was formally introduced at the team’s Oakland headquarters. Cousins, who will sport the number 0 for the Dubs after a tough negotiation with Patrick McCaw, discussed several topics during the press conference, divulging his favorite new teammate while also discussing more serious matters like his ongoing recovery from a ruptured left Achilles.

Watch the full press conference below, or keep reading for a transcript of some of Cousins' press conference highlights.

What excites you about becoming a Golden State Warrior?
Just the chance to play for a winning culture. I also have a chance to play with some of the most talented players of this era. Those two things alone, that pretty much sums it up.

What did you like about playing with your new teammates on Team USA?
Just to put this out there, my favorite by far is Klay. Our short time together in the summers…for him to be as dull as he is, there’s never a dull moment. So, I really enjoyed my time with Klay, but they’re all great guys. Me and Draymond clicked right away. We’re two goofballs that like to joke around a lot, so we clicked right away. Same thing with KD, and same thing with Steph…everyone knows he’s a goofball. It’s a great group of guys, easy-going people – maybe outside of Draymond [laughs]. But it’s a great group, and I think we’ll mesh well.

How is the rehab process going?
Rehab has been going great. I’m getting stronger and better every day. I’m progressing weekly, which is a positive. And as far as a timetable, we’ll sit down and discuss with the team and figure out what is the best return date. So, to be determined.

How do you balance wanting to come back as fast as possible, while also making sure you’re as healthy as possible?
I have to be smart about it. I’m in a unique situation as well, where I’m not needed right away. Time is kind of on my side, so I have a chance to get to 100 percent. When I feel I’m at that point, we’ll make the return.

Why is your community work so important to you?
It’s important to me because, me being in that situation – and when I say I get out in the community, I get out in the hoods. Like, just to be blunt, I go to the hood. I want to go to the worst, the grimiest place. That’s where I want to be. The reason behind that, those are usually the kids or the communities that kind of get left behind or forgotten about. I feel like I was in that situation at one point, and I can only imagine if I had some of the opportunities – just being in these camps or being around pros, or whatever the case may be – how much easier or how much better of a process it would have been for me as a kid. That’s kind of where my mindset is, and that’s what I stand by.

How monotonous is the rehab process?
It’s the worst. Honestly, just waking up every day and doing the same exact thing. It can drive you crazy. But, I take it as a test, just another obstacle to overcome. I just use that as fuel to get to the next step, and then I continue to process. It’s tough, no lie, but I know where I want to be, I know what I’m capable of, and I look forward to being back on the floor.

What did your new teammates say to you when trying to recruit you to come to Golden State?
Every guy said, ‘Let’s go get another championship.’ That was the first thing. What really put me at ease was just the excitement. They’re a well-established team, and they could have easily been like, ‘No, we don’t need him,’ or whatever the case may be, but they were excited like a team that’s never accomplished anything. Just having that feeling alone gave me a sense of being able to relax about it or be calm about the situation.

What are your main goals for this upcoming season?
My main goal is to win a championship. That’s what I’m signing up for. I bring a toughness. I bring a skillset that they say they’ve never had before. Rebounding, passing, able to score. I’m bringing a bit of everything…and a couple techs as well. [laughs]

I plan on coming back and being the same dominant player that I was. Even better, actually. Nothing will change.

Have you thought about the possibilities created by playing with four other All-Stars?
It’s definitely a great situation. There will be nights when I score two or four points, and there may be nights when I go crazy. So, that’s a pleasure of being a part of this team. We’ve got plenty of options. On any given night, it could be our night.

What have you learned about yourself during the rehab process?
I’m stubborn, and I love that about myself. I never quit. I’m a fighter. I feel like I can overcome anything, and I continue to have that mindset.