Bob Myers Talks 2020 NBA Draft Lottery

With the NBA Draft Lottery fast approaching on Thursday, Aug. 20, Warriors General Manager Bob Myers met with media via RingCentral to discuss the upcoming event and ensuing 2020 NBA Draft.

Though the Warriors are guaranteed a pick within the first five slots of the draft, Dub Nation and Myers alike await to see exactly where the team will fall in the selection order. All will be determined Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on ESPN when a flurry of pingpong balls determine the fates of the Dubs and the other 13 non-playoff teams.

From the scouting process to what the Warriors may do with their pick, take a listen to what Myers had to say about what the team faces this offseason, or take a look at some of the highlights below.

Q: In a draft like this, how do you balance drafting for need versus drafting the best player available?
BOB MYERS: “I think the answer you don't want to hear, which is the truth, is that hopefully you can do both. I don't know where we're going to pick yet, but you don't pick 1 through 5 that often, so the goal would be to get somebody who can help you now and help you later.”

Q. You've had eight drafts now, going on nine. What have you learned, and how is your approach different now than it was in your first draft or two?
MYERS: “Probably more analytical. It doesn't mean you respond to the analytics, but they're introduced into the process a lot more than they were previously in the last seven, eight years. So that factors into things. It gets very mathematical, and you have to decide how much you want to weight that as part of the process.”

Q. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and college season being cut short, do you think it's at all possible you might draft somebody where you haven't seen a game in person and haven't seen a workout?
MYERS: “Yeah, it is, it absolutely is, which makes you a little uncomfortable, to be honest. It's a rare thing to not have… I would have liked to see more guys than I did, but if you're talking about me, that's a possibility. If you're talking about our group, I think between us all, somebody will have seen the person at least play. Now, whether we get to see them in our facility or not or in another place, that's to be determined, but as far as seeing them in a game, I think somebody or more than one will be able to raise their hand and say, I saw him or I saw him a few times."

Q. Depending on the results from the lottery, would you trade out or trade down in the draft?
MYERS: "I don't know. There's a lot of variables right -- well, there's a big variable not knowing our pick, but assuming we know it, then it becomes what's the league's value of it and what's our value of it. I don't know the league's value of it, to be honest. Nobody is talking about trades… Even assuming we had the pick number in hand, it's premature to even know the value of it, for us or for another team, so we'll have to wait and see kind of how things go in that direction.”