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Curry at the Buzzer

A Look Back at Steph's Buzzer-Beating Shots Against the Clippers

Time is running down and Stephen Curry has the ball. He navigates his way to half court and throws up a shot and … SPLASH! Curry beats the buzzer!

Sound familiar?

That happened at the end of the first quarter in Thursday’s win against the Clippers.

A Curry buzzer-beater against the Clippers, that should sound familiar too. It turns out Curry has done that several times before, including multiple times this season. But it’s not just this season that Curry, who has made more 3-pointers against the Clippers than any other team in his career, has been effective against L.A. as time expires.

In his career, Curry has made four buzzer-beaters against the Clippers. Take a stroll through memory lane and relive each of those shots below.

Steph splashes #BeforeTheLight (TNT / NBCSBA)

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