My Home Court
My Home Court

Show Us Your Home Court

Draymond Green Goes Undercover to Sell a House

Meet Ray Green, Draymond's cousin who is teaming up with to sell a home in Oakland.

Klay's Special Atmosphere

Klay Thompson's home court and his current court, at Oracle Arena, both feel very special to him, but for different reasons. Hear him explain what each one means to him.

My Home Court with Shaun Livingston

Warriors guard Shaun Livingston discusses his hometown of Peoria, Illinois, and the moment he fell in love with basketball.

My Home Court with James Michael McAdoo

James Michael McAdoo speaks about his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, names his favorite Bay Area restaurant and shares what he likes most about playing at Oracle Arena.

Where are the Warriors' Home Courts?

Hear from some of the Warriors who grew up with home courts on the East Coast and in the Midwest. David West, Draymond Green, James Michael McAdoo, and Shaun Livingston talk about the courts where they first started playing basketball.

Love the Home You Live in

Everyone has a favorite room in their house, a place where you most enjoy being. Draymond Green, James Michael McAdoo, Shaun Livingston and Ian Clark discuss their favorite part of their homes.

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