Stephen Curry Drops 47 Points, Dubs Fall in Down-to-the-Wire Contest in Boston

Curry Finishes 11-for-19 From 3-Point Range

It was an all-out duel between the Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum as the two each dropped 40 points in a tightly contested game through the second half, but the Celtics held off the Dubs in the final minute to hand the squad a 119-114 loss.

The defeat ends the squad’s season-long winning streak at four games.


Points Rebounds Assists
Curry - 47 Looney - 9 Green - 10
Wiggins - 22 Curry - 7 Toscano-Anderson - 4
Bazemore - 16 Toscano-Anderson - 6 Curry - 3

Points Rebounds Assists
Tatum - 44 Tatum - 10 Smart - 6
Walker - 26 Smart - 9 Tatum / Walker - 3
Smart - 16 Walker - 8 Thompson - 2

The Warriors were up by one point before Boston guard Marcus Smart drilled a wide-open 3-pointer with 1:16 left in the game, sending Dubs down 111-109.

The Warriors returned down the court and though Stephen Curry missed a layup on his drive to the bucket, Kevon Looney tipped the ball in to tie the game. But just seconds later, Tatum came back with a difficult finish to the rim to bring the Warriors to a 113-111 deficit with 48.8 left. The Warriors used a timeout to advance the ball up the court and setup a play off the inbound pass.

Draymond Green was the end recipient at the play, and he drove to the bucket for a layup, but the ball rolled off the iron and out. That gave the Celtics the chance to expand on the lead, and Boston guard Kemba Walker capitalized on the opportunity with a step-back 3-pointer over Andrew Wiggins to bring the Celtics up 116-111.

But Curry, who was not only hot in the game but had also stayed in the game after rolling his left ankle, would not let the Warriors go out just yet. With two Celtics defenders on him, he came around the left corner of the arc and looked like he would drive to the bucket. But instead, he took one large step back to get into the short-corner. He launched a shot and splashed his eleventh 3-pointer of the night, sending the Warriors into a 116-114 deficit with 18.1 seconds left.

But with the Celtics in control, of the clock and the ball, it became a game determined at the foul line. The Dubs fouled Tatum, who then hit his two shots to send Boston up by two possessions, and Walker hit one more later to secure the game.

The defeat ended the squad’s season-long winning streak at four games.

Besides Curry’s injury in the fourth, the Warriors had another scare when Juan Toscano-Anderson went leaping out of bounds by the scorer’s table to save a ball from going out of bounds. Though his effort led to a Curry splash, Toscano-Anderson fell over the table and onto the ground. After a short period on the ground with his teammates around him, he walked off the court and into the locker room.

Now 2-1 on their current five-game road trip, the Warriors head to Philadelphia where they will face the 76ers on Monday (4:30 p.m., NBCSBA, ESPN).

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