Gameday: Warriors vs. Nets - 11/21/12


The Warriors overcame an early deficit on Wednesday night to beat the visiting Brooklyn Nets 102-93. Stephen Curry had another great all-around game with 25 points, six rebounds and four assists. Klay Thompson also found his groove, scoring 23 points on 10-of-19 shooting, including three 3-pointers, while David Lee had 20 points and 13 rebounds, his fifth-straight double-double. Carl Landry and Jarrett Jack provided another strong effort off the bench, scoring 11 and five points, respectively. The Warriors have now won four of their last five games, and will look to continue that trend in their next game on Friday against the Nuggets in Denver.
Mark Jackson
On Klay Thompson Tonight:
“Yeah it was great to see Klay (Thompson) take and make shots. I’ve said all along, I’m not concerned about Klay (Thompson) shooting. That’s like being concerned about Albert Pujols not hitting; it’s going to turn. He works too hard – it’s a gift. You don’t lose a gift. I’m glad that he shot with confidence. It’s so easy to overlook, but the guy has been defending. Steph (Stephen Curry) wasn’t at 100 percent so I put Klay (Thompson) on Deron Williams, who is arguably the best in the business at his position, and Klay did a very good job. You weren’t going to stop him, but he made him work. That shot is a thing of beauty and it’s great to see him knock it down.”
On The First Quarter:
“I would love to give them credit; they can score on anybody, but our defense was not locked in early. We were a step slow and they were outworking us. We were not on point. At the end of the day, we talked about it and we gave them different looks with the zone to disrupt them and then established our rhythm defensively. We started to get stops and started to rebound the basketball. We talked about it. They were the hardest working team in the first half – and it wasn’t even close”
On His Expectations Of Draymond Green:
“I’m looking for everything from him. I don’t want to minimize him to a defensive guy. He can do everything on the court well. He has the ability to make threes, to rebound, defend and make plays. I’m shocked that he was on the board at 35.”
Klay Thompson
On How He Was Able To Break Out Of His Slump:
“Man, nothing changed. I had a tough four-game set where I had a tough time shooting the ball. I got in the gym and got my shot down a bit. It felt great to come out here and play great. I just stayed with it and didn’t get down on myself.”
On What It Felt Like When He Got His Touch Back:
“It felt like I got my game back. It felt great, I get to build on it Friday and keep this win streak going. We’ve got to stay tough.”
David Lee
On Tonight's Win:
“The biggest thing was that we played a horrible first quarter defensively and after that we did a much better job of playing defense and rebounding. Those are our two keys, if we can do that then I think eventually at home we’ll make enough shots to win it. Tonight Klay (Thompson) and Stephen (Curry) did an unbelievable job. Draymond (Green) hit a big three and a bunch of guys stepped up in the second half. The key once again was defensive rebounding.”
On Klay Thompson's Performance:
“The biggest thing and I said this yesterday in a couple of interviews, if all we worry about is Klay (Thompson) hitting shots and that’s our biggest worry than we’re going to be just fine this season. Once again guys are believing we are going to win games. When we got down in the first quarter and early second we made that run and cut it down to a respectful margin at halftime. Then we came out and our third quarters are always up and down this season but we made the third quarter our best quarter.”
On The Oracle Crowd:
“Like Run TMC, We Believe years? We had an unbelievable crowd tonight, the place was packed. I think people were excited about the matchup tonight. A lot of star power in the building from their team. I think we did a great job of taking our hits in the first quarter and overcoming it and playing a great game.”
If you have friends or family in town and you’re not sure what to do with them on the day before Thanksgiving, bring them out to Oracle Arena for Wednesday’s game against the new-look Brooklyn Nets. Tickets start at just $22 and there are some seats remaining in the lower level.
Stephen Curry simply took over in the fourth quarter and overtime, leading the Warriors to a 105-101 win in Dallas on Monday night. Curry scored 20 of his 31 points after the third quarter, capping off a night that also saw him tally nine assists and six rebounds. Harrison Barnes had 20 points and 12 rebounds for his first 20-10 night of his young career, and the David Lee had 17 points and 19 rebounds.
With the game hanging in the balance on Monday, Stephen Curry took control. With 8:07 left in the fourth quarter, the Warriors were down 78-73, their biggest deficit in the games. And from that point on, Curry scored or assisted on 29 of the team’s final 32 points. He totaled 20 points and four assists over the last 13:07 of the game, and the Warriors can only hope that more of that is on the way.
David Lee is recognized throughout the NBA as one of the best passing big men in the game, but his greatest assist of all may have been to the City of Oakland. The Warriors forward donated $25,000 to the City’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner, which will be held on Tuesday afternoon. Without this donation, this year’s feast, which is expected to feed more than 2,000 low-income families, seniors, homeless and others in need, would have been cancelled.
The Nets have the look of a completely different team, and it’s not just because they now call Brooklyn home and have a brand new uniform style. The franchise has had five-straight losing seasons but now has the third best winning percentage in the Eastern Conference. Brooklyn has three players who average more than 15 points (Deron Williams 18.4, Brook Lopez 18.3 and new arrival Joe Johnson 15.1), and slowing them down will be key. The Nets will be playing on the back end of a back-to-back after seeing their five-game winning streak come to an end against the Lakers on Tuesday night, so the Warriors might want to push the tempo when at all possible on Wednesday.

Injury Report
GSW: Andrew Bogut (ankle rehab), Brandon Rush (torn left ACL) and Richard Jefferson (right calf strain) are out.

BKN: Gerald Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse are out.


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