Warriors Fall To Nuggets For First Preseason Loss

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Mark Jackson

On the loss, what things did you see:
“Certainly some good things. I thought our half-court defense was really good. We forced them (the Nuggets) to shoot 39 percent from the field, and we got after it. Some things that I was disappointed in and not pleased with was we turned the basketball over, we did not defend without fouling, and then we gave up offensive rebounds. Those things hurt us. We had a problem getting back in transition for a spurt.”

On how correctable these issues are:
“Very correctable. A lot of that is energy and effort and being disciplined to the game plan. I think it’s a great learning experience for us. I think that sometimes in the preseason, a loss is a good thing. It’s a great teaching point.”

Klay Thompson

On the game:
“We played hard but we gave up too many open three’s. They moved the ball well so you have to give them credit. We just gave them too many good looks.”

On this game being a preseason game:
“It’s the preseason but it never feels good losing. We did some good things out there, we shared the ball, we made some shots but defensively we just have to fine-tune some things. As far as helping off the ball and covering each other.”

On the depth of the team:
“The last game [against the Jazz] was the only game that we had some mental lapses. I’ve liked what I’ve seen, everyone’s playing really hard, and everyone was playing unselfish and making the most of their playing time. Everyone came together tonight at the end of the game and almost won us the game. I’m really proud of them and I love what I’m seeing.”

Stephen Curry

On his ankle:
“My ankle felt good, just getting the movement back and the rhythm of the game. I was able to move pretty fluently and not really think about my ankle so it was a step in the right direction. The team was getting better, seeing plays in advance and the PG [point guard] taking care of the ball.”

On the team:
“We have more size, obviously we are missing [Andrew] Bogut right now so we are waiting to get him back. We are deeper this year, everyone is playing in position and we know what to expect, night in and night out. We are still learning the roles, but for the most part, we have established what kind of system we are going to play and defensively, I think we have a better unit out there. We just have to continue to communicate and get better at it and use the preseason to work out the kinks of so many new faces out here."