Franchise Fund

Uniting to Help Small Businesses

In line with its philosophies of going and above and beyond and connecting people, United Airlines is partnering with the Golden State Warriors to launch the Franchise Fund, a way to ensure Bay Area, minority-owned small businesses receive the certification they need to get exposure, help their communities, and take advantage of future business opportunities.


The game plan

The game plan

Support Bay Area minority-owned small businesses by helping them become officially certified as Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs)

The challenge

Official certification as an MBE generates incremental business exposure and significant revenue-generating opportunities.

Unfortunately, understanding how to achieve and retain certification—amidst other obstacles like cost and support—prevents many businesses from pursuing this accreditation.

The solution

The solution

Through the Franchise Fund, GSW and United Airlines will sponsor twenty-five (25) minority-owned businesses to join the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC) Corporate Ready Program and receive the training, funds and resources necessary to receive official MBE certification and “Corporate Ready” designation for their next business opportunity.

Grant Benefits

  • Full scholarship for WRMSDC Certification (MBE Certification)

Receive as a Graduate

  • Corporate Ready Designation from WRMSDC
  • Exposure to procurement professionals at large buying entities
  • Post-program mentorship and advising
  • $1,000 Program Graduation Stipend
  • Business name and description shared with full roster of Golden State Warriors Official Partners

Official Rules



What is Franchise Fund presented by United Airlines?

Franchise Fund is a grant program United Airlines and the Golden State Warriors (GSW) created in partnership with the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC) to help minority small business owners become certified as Minority Owned Enterprises (MBEs) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. This program also allows businesses to gain skills and resources to be officially designated by the WRMSDC as ‘Corporate Ready’ when interacting with large buyers and corporations.

What is the purpose of the Franchise Fund?

To support economic development in Bay Area communities of color by supporting and activating entrepreneurs with the community. Through certification and training, MBEs will receive the designation needed to attract the spend of corporations across the Bay Area and the country. By ensuring minority owned businesses are being prepared to meet corporate demands, job wealth and job creation in underserved communities can be accelerated.

How does Franchise Fund work?

Participants will apply to be one of twenty-five (25) businesses selected by United Airlines, GSW and WRMSDC to go through the program. After selection, businesses will be given access to an online assessment tool (to evaluate the current state of their business), world class business instruction, and mentoring to assist in closing any gaps. The program will last five months, but that is dependent on the business’s ability to complete the proper certification and Corporate Ready designation requirements in time.

What are the benefits I will receive by participating?

Graduates will receive a scholarship to cover the costs of WRMSDC certification, a Corporate Ready designation from WRMSDC, exposure to procurement professionals at large buying entities, and a $1,000 grant from GSW and United Airlines.

Who is qualified to participate?

Any business owned by an entrepreneur of color that is domiciled in Northern California and the Golden State Warriors Marketing Territory. Specific qualifications listed in Apply Section.

What is required of participants?

Entrepreneurs are required to complete both the opening and final online assessments, attend program virtual training webinars (6 total - 3 hours each - twice per month) and complete post webinar surveys. Graduates must report annual sales and employees count for 3 years following program completion.

How long is the program?

All program curricula will be delivered with the first 120 days, graduates will have up to 5 months to close any gaps and complete the final assessment.

What are the requirements to receive the $1,000 grant?

Graduation from the program is required to receive the grant.

What if a business can’t finish the program?

Participants who do not complete the program will not be eligible for the certification scholarship, introductions to procurement opportunities, the $1,000 grant, nor the Corporate Ready Designation.

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The Hub

  • “The framework allows us to methodically think about our business processes and the importance of having the policies and procedures to help corporate members engage readily with diverse suppliers. It is a win-win scenario.”
    Subha Rajana CEO, Biarca
  • “The Corporate Ready Program is an innovative and an opportunity to evolve for all MBEs to demonstrate our readiness to participate in Corporate supply chains in these unprecedented times.”
    Sam Sharma Vice President, Saitech, Inc.
  • “I'm grateful to WRMSDC for having chosen my company, Nidaan Systems, Inc to be a participant in their Corporate Ready Program. It took us through a structured training which guided us on developing best practices in key areas of corporate governance, quality as well as health, safety and security. In a nutshell, the Corporate Ready Program exposed me to another way of thinking - think like a large corporate to be ready to work with them.”
    Jayoti Goel CEO, Nidaan Systems
  • “Creating a standardized, repeatable delivery of these necessary polices and procedures-and in bite sizes small and medium sized bites can understand, apply and integrate-is a masterful application of innovative technical assistance many MBEs can and do benefit from.”
    Anita Gardyn Founder and CEO, Onēva Inc.