Community Foundation

The Warriors Community Foundation supports education and youth development to promote thriving students, schools and communities.


Investing in Youth and Education

Generation Thrive

Supporting the effectiveness of Bay Area non-profits and schools through education and wellness. » Learn More

$13 Million in Grants

Supporting educational equity in Alameda and San Francisco Counties

Over 80 Refurbished Courts

Creating safe and clean places for basketball in low income communities around the Bay Area

15,000 Donated Tickets

Sharing the joy and excitement of Warriors home games with local schools and nonprofits

Strength in Numbers

The Warriors support organizations around the Bay Area that close gaps of opportunity and access for underserved students.

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Board of Directors

  • Nicole Lacob, President of the Board
  • Marty Glick, Secretary
  • Bob Myers
  • Brandon Schneider
  • David Kelly
  • Dianne Taube
  • Ebony Beckwith
  • Greg Adams
  • Jason Chang
  • Jeff Miller
  • Jessica Dodson
  • Joe Lacob
  • Karen Miller
  • Kathy Scially
  • Molly Lacob
  • Rick Welts
  • Shaun Livingston


  • Stacey Blanda, Controller
  • Ay’Anna Moody, Director Generation Thrive
  • Evan Schwartz, Program Manager
  • Austin Claiborne, Program Coordinator
  • Mujtaba Elgoodah, Development Coordinator
  • Adil Charki, Administrative Assistant

For Grantseekers

We recognize that there are many excellent organizations working locally in education and youth development. At this time, our grantmaking is limited to Alameda and San Francisco Counties and we do not accept unsolicited proposals for funding. We work continuously to identify potential grantees and will request proposals from organizations that fall within our current areas of interest.

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