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My name is Stephen Curry and I play for the Golden State Warriors. After a great college experience at Davidson, I got drafted by the Warriors and moved to Oakland — which is a long way from my hometown of Charlotte, NC. Playing in the NBA is a dream come true and now I get to test my skills every night against the best basketball players in the world. I'll be keeping a diary with GQ, so follow along with me on this amazing journey.

Looking Too Young To Sit At A Bar
I went to California Pizza Kitchen in Salt Lake City the other day. A bunch of my teammates and I wanted to sit at the bar, but the lady didn't think I was old enough. READ FULL ENTRY
My First Pro Injury
Wednesday, April 7 (2:35 p.m.)
After shoot-around on Wednesday morning, I went back to my apartment for my usual pre-game nap. When I woke up, my ankle was really stiff and sore.
My Second Favorite Sport
Tuesday, March 18 (5:11 p.m.)
I had the day off yesterday, and I went to Pebble Beach to play golf. I knew the course pretty well, though just from Tiger Woods video games, and I played pretty well. It was cool to see it in person, and to actually play decently.
The Record That We're Gunning For
Monday, March 15 (5:05 p.m.)
Our main goal right now is just trying to get Nellie that record. We're six victories away from him breaking the all-time wins record for an NBA coach. That's our mission, that's our playoff race.

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