Stephen Curry Joins Feed the Children to Deliver Food and Essentials to Oakland Families

Stephen Curry Joins Feed the Children to Deliver Food and Essentials to Oakland Families

On Thursday, December 26, Warriors guard Stephen Curry and his family partnered with the Warriors Community Foundation and Feed The Children, an international hunger relief organization, to deliver boxes of food and personal items to 400 local Oakland families at Beebe Memorial Cathedral. Joined by his wife Ayesha, daughter Riley, his parents Sonya and Dell Curry, and sister Sydel, Curry shared words of encouragement to the families in attendance on Thursday.

“The best advice I can give you is to stay in school, stay focused every day, and to spend the holidays appreciating your family and people in your life,” Curry said.

The Curry family and the Warriors Community Foundation supplied the financial backing for the entire event including the food and items for the families, along with having a Feed The Children truck deliver the boxes of food and personal items to Beebe Memorial Cathedral, where families with pre-selected vouchers could meet the Curry family and receive their boxes. Each family in attendance received one 25-pound box of dry food goods, one box of personal care items and one box of Aveda hygienic products.

“Our family has been involved with Feed The Children for many years because it is a great way to impact the lives of so many people who are desperate for assistance at this time of the year,” said Sonya Curry.

Stephen and his family also helped boy scout volunteers from Beebe Memorial Church, carrying Feed The Children boxes to their cars and receiving gratitude from children and fans for all the generosity the Curry family is sharing this holiday season.

“It’s important for everyone to be thankful for the family around you and to help those in need in your community during the holiday months and whenever you can,” said Dell Curry.

The families in attendance at Beebe Memorial Church are congregation members in need of additional support this holiday season.

“So many members of this community are in dire financial circumstances, and the holidays really bring those struggles to light,” said the Beebe Memorial Cathedral Pastor Dr. Charley Hames, Jr. “What Stephen and the Golden State Warriors are sharing with them is not just some food and items to ease their burden, but a reminder that there are fellow members of their community that care for their well-being and want them to have a wonderful holiday and New Year.”

This event is part of the Warriors Plays for the Holidays community outreach campaign and part of the NBA Cares Season of Giving and #NBAGiveBIG. The Warriors organization and every Warriors player are participating in events such as Feed The Children this holiday season to help lift the spirits of local families and youth in the Bay Area.

“I’ve been a member of [the Oakland] community since 2009, and it’s important for me to give back this holiday season to the fans that give so much to us all year long,” said Stephen Curry.

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