The Golden State Warriors Not on Our Ground program presented by Adobe focuses on stopping hate and bullying, and building inclusive communities. The program educates youth on the causes, impact and solutions around violence and bullying and encourages people to be a witness and take a stand against hate, violence and bullying. Not on Our Ground also provides a platform to address the issues around violence within the community in a safe and inclusive space where solutions and open dialogue are encouraged.

The Warriors and Adobe are grateful for Not on Our Ground community partners No Bully, Anti-Defamation League, Rise, and the Ad Council.

Take the "Not On Our Ground" Pledge

“I pledge to stand up to all forms of hate, bigotry, violence and bullying. I will not stay silent in the face of intolerance based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, ability or any other factor. If I see something, I will say something. I will work together with my neighbors to create safer, more inclusive communities for all.”

Why Take the Pledge?

If you stand up to hate and bullying, you can change someone’s life—maybe even your own. The Pledge is a reminder to speak up:

  • when you see someone being bullied or harassed
  • when you hear a bigoted comment or "joke"
  • when you see cruel messages on social media

Keep the Pledge to stop bullying and hate in your head and in your heart. Share it with others. It starts with each one of us taking a step. If we all stand up together, we can change our school, our workplace, our community, our country. We can change our world.

Take the Pledge

Not On Our Ground

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Not On Our Ground

Feb 6, 2017  |  01:09

Not On Our Ground

Dec 18, 2015  |  00:30

Not On Our Ground, Not In Our Town

The Warriors are proud to stand with Not In Our Town's movement to stop hate, address bullying, and build safe, inclusive communities for all.
Apr 2, 2015  |  00:30

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