Glad to Give Honoree: Anana Scott

Adult Education and Career Coach, East Oakland Youth Development Center

Anana’s Glad to Give Statement
I'm #GladToGive hope to those we tag as the underdog to remind them they are much more than what people tag them to be.

About Anana
For more than 11 years Ms. Anana has managed the Education Empowerment program (formerly GED now High School Equivalency program). She is the champion for second chances. Whether referred by probation officers, social workers or walk ins who feel failed by the education system, she works diligently to re-purpose and re-engineer high school drop outs for success.

Through in class instruction, special workshops, mentoring and field trips, students are introduced to character based leadership, health and wellness, and workforce training so they may achieve high school equivalency and chart a course for personal success and responsible global citizenry.

Why she is a Glad to Give Honoree
Anana drives to Alameda, Castro Valley and even Morgan Hill for access to the limited HiSet testing sites available for her students (there are NONE in Oakland). Her students have multiple barriers to success but Ms. Anana breaks down each wall. Anana created Lessons to Grow By: a mini ted talk like series to encourage and empower students to focus on success and visualize their dreams. This past year Ms Anana also helped build water plants in Ghana. Entitled Oakland to Ghana Project, she represents the best of us in Oakland and abroad.

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