Kaiser Permanente, Playworks and the Golden State Warriors have teamed up to educate Bay Area youth on the importance of healthy eating and active living. The program serves to reinforce healthy behavior and provide youth with the opportunities and resources that are critical to their future success. Student development is encouraged through various health related activities around recess, basketball, nutrition and healthy choices. Youth are also provided with the knowledge and tools to get started with their commitment toward healthy eating and exercise.

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Healthy Picks

Healthy Picks

Enjoy the excitement of Warriors basketball at ORACLE Arena and eat healthy at the same time!

The Warriors and Kaiser Permanente have teamed up to provide Warriors fans with a healthy alternative meal choice at ORACLE Arena. Fans can purchase a Kaiser Permanente Healthy Picks Meal behind either section 127 or in the 880 Club. Only the freshest ingredients are included to help keep fans healthy and fit. So make sure to stop by the stand behind section 127 or the Market Fresh stand in the 880 Club at the next Warriors home game and get your Healthy Picks meal!

Healthy Kids

Parents play an important role in helping their children develop healthy habits while they're young. Remember to:

  • Encourage your kids to play hard for at least 60 minutes on most days of the week. Fun activities can include shooting hoops, playing tag or riding a bike
  • Serve healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Set limits on screen time and get ideas for alternative activities
  • Help your child get enough sleep by setting a regular bedtime
  • Do your best to dodge germs. Hand washing is a simple, effective way to avoid spreading germs
  • Begin discussions with your kids at an early age about avoiding the use of tobacco and alcohol, inhalants, and other drugs
  • Keep your kids away from smoke. Cigarette smoke increases your child's risk of asthma, colds, pneumonia, ear infections, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

For more information on how to promote a healthy lifestyle for your children, visit Kaiser Permanente's Children's Health site. Educate yourself with key suggestions on how to aid in your child's growth and development, emotions and behaviors, safety and much more.

Healthy Picks

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