Klay Thompson: Weibo Q&A

On Monday, December 15, Warriors guard Klay Thompson took part in an online Q&A with fans in China through the Warriors' Sina Weibo account, which currently has over 1.3 million followers. During the online chat, Thompson discussed a variety of topics with the international fans, including his advice to improve three-point shooting, his hobbies outside of basketball, and how he and Stephen Curry match-up when they play one-on-one.

Enjoy a full recap of the Weibo Q&A below:

What are the Warriors’ goals this season?
Our one goal is to take it week by week, never to look too far ahead. To try to play hard every night. We don't expect to win every game because we’re playing against such good teams, but we'll compete every night, and we truly believe we're one of the best teams in the NBA. We want to play unselfish.

What is your advice on people looking to improve their 3 point shots?
You just have to dedicate yourself to putting up a lot of jumpers! Get in the gym. Have confidence you're the best shooter in the floor. To increase your range, strengthen your legs. That's where your power comes from. Where your shooting arc comes from.

Besides Stephen Curry, which USAB player would you like to be your teammate?
I was really impressed with Anthony Davis, his versatility. His ability to play above the rim is probably unparalleled in the NBA, and he's one of the best at alley-oops I've seen in a long, long time. Can't believe at 6-11 he's that agile.

What are your hobbies outside basketball?
I like to play a lot of golf. Take my dog to the park. And I like to go to the movie theater a lot. I love the beach and the ocean, and I love to play in the waves. Those are my favorite things to do.

The team’s off to a great start, do you discuss the Western conference finals as your goal?
We try not to talk about that, because we know how far away that is. We're 59 games away from the end of the season, so we go week by week, which is why we're so successful. That is in our goals, but we don't talk about that much...if you look too far ahead, you forget the present.

Who’s your best friend on the team?
That's hard to say! We're all best friends. I have the best teammates in the NBA.

Who’s a better a 3-point shooter, you or Curry?
Ooh! Great question. I'll have to give it to Steph because he set the record for most 3's in a season, and he shoots an amazing percentage.

Are you going to compete in the 3-point contest?
It would be a great honor to be invited, as well as the All-Star Game. It's a great individual accolade for anybody in the NBA. That's why it's important to get votes worldwide, especially in China, with all the loving hoops fans.

If you don’t start too well during a game, how do you adjust to get your rhythm back?
You have to stay confident. Get an easy bucket, at the free throw line or basket. Then once you see the shot go in that's all you need, and you're in rhythm. Get the cheap bucket first.

Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA?
That's a great question, but I gotta go with Kobe Bryant because he is now number 3 scoring all-time! That is not an easy feat to come by.

Do you like the Splash Brothers nickname?
I think it fits. We like to make it splash, and I was a fan of the Mario brothers growing up, so I like the name.

What do you have to say to your fans that voted for you for the 2015 All-Star Game?
Thank you very much! Thanks for thinking of me as an All-Star. It really means a lot. I work hard, and really enjoy entertaining you guys, especially fans in China who wake up to watch us play.

Who’s the funniest player on the Warriors?
Probably David Lee. He does a great impersonation of people. He's a funny guy. Talent for comedy.

Which team will give you the most trouble?
Right now it's the Memphis Grizzlies, which is great...because we play them tomorrow. They have a great record, and they play a different style than us, so it'll be a great matchup.

We believe, Go Warriors.
Thanks for believing! Go Warriors, and we'll play very hard for you.

Who wins when you play one-on-one with Steph Curry? What’s your bulldog’s name?
It varies! One day he'll be feeling good, one day I will...whoever got the better night's sleep. The bulldog's name is Rocco.

What was your father’s role in your career?
He's been a great influence. I got my love for the game from him. I was fortunate going to arenas growing up, seeing how NBA players conduct themselves. He's been a great mentor for me, and great seeing him work for the Lakers these past few years, especially when we play against them.

Currently, who are the best 5 players in the NBA?
I would say Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis.

Do you like to play NBA 2K 15?
Yeah, we like to play it. It's always great. Obviously I play with the Warriors! The Cavaliers are fun to play with. Lakers & Thunder, too.

What led to your 16-game win streak?
I just think we're playing very unselfish. We're playing very well on both sides of the ball. If we limit our turnovers and play good defense we're gonna give ourselves a chance to win, even if our shots aren't falling.

Final Thoughts
Alright everybody, I have to leave! Thanks for your questions, and we'll keep on playing hard for you. I appreciate your support, and look forward to coming back to China in the near future.

Follow the Warriors official Sina Weibo account here: https://e.weibo.com/warriors/

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