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Preparing for the Draft Without a Pick

A Pair of 2013 Trades Leaves the Warriors Without a Selection in the 2014 NBA Draft

While two teams are battling it out in the NBA Finals, the rest of the NBA is in full preparation mode for the NBA Draft. And even though the Dubs are currently without a pick in the June 26th event, there is still plenty of work to be done and plenty of prospects to scout.

Beginning this week, the Warriors will bring in multiple groups of prospects to team headquarters in Downtown Oakland (Follow @warriors on Twitter for upcoming announcement of who will be participating in these pre-draft workouts). While none of these players are expected to be household names – at least not yet – they are guys who the team might consider taking a look at as a rookie free agent, for their Summer League team, or perhaps even to select in the draft should the Dubs acquire a pick.

If you remember, the Warriors were without a pick going into the 2013 offseason, but the Dubs were as active as any team on draft night. The Warriors made three draft night trades, netting them Nemanja Nedovic, who as the 30th pick (by Phoenix) owns the distinction of being the last draftee announced by then NBA Commissioner David Stern. During that sequence of maneuvers, the Warriors sent their 2014 second round selection to Minnesota, and the Warriors traded away their 2014 first round pick a few weeks later when they acquired Andre Iguodala.

Those moves have the Dubs pick-less in this year’s draft as of right now, but the Warriors do have their first round pick next year. The club is without a second round selection until 2019, when the team will have its own two picks for the first time since 2012.

If you're wondering where all these picks went, a lot of them were part of the cost of acquiring Andre Iguodala. The 2013-14 First-Team All Defense selection came to the Warriors as part of a sign-and-trade deal in which the Wariors sent five future draft picks (first rounders in 2014 and 2017 and second rounders in 2016, 2017 and 2018), among other pieces, to Utah and Denver. In addition, the Warriors sent their 2015 second round pick to Indiana as part of the deal that brought Brandon Rush to the Warriors in 2011. For those scoring at home, Indiana has since sent that pick to Philadelphia.

Again, the Warriors' draft status can change without a second’s notice. The team's front office has proven that they are not afraid to pull the trigger on making a move in an effort to improve the team. And while their would-be picks this year (23rd & 53rd overall selections) are in the hands of other teams, there is no guarantee that they will indeed go pick-less on June 26th.

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