It doesn’t take expert scouting to recogniz elite athletic ability. A quick YouTube search of Nemanja Nedovic will leave you no shortage of highlights showcasing his 41-inch vertical leap and jaw-dropping dunking ability, and that certainly caught the attention of media members upon the Warriors’ acquisition of the Serbian combo guard. We offer a sampling of some of that reaction and find out “what they’re saying” about Nedovic below.

"Visually, it's not difficult to tell that Nedovic is as athletic as virtually any prospect in this draft, as he clearly has an excellent first step and is able to play above the rim with ease."
Jonathan Givony, DraftExpress

"While his game still appears to be trapped between a one and two, there's no question he has the athletic ability and the requisite aggressiveness on offense to play in the NBA. The Warriors plan on bringing him to Summer League and see if he can make the league."
Chad Ford, (Insider)

"We like his size. One of the things we covet and value in all of our players is size at the position. We think a 6-4 point guard, who's athletic and can attack the basket is a great asset."
Warriors General Manager Bob Myers, Post-Draft Press Conference

"Nedovic has been seeing top-notch competition in Euroleague and Lithuania. He was one of the top players to watch at this year's Adidas Eurocamp in Trevis ... At 6'4'', Nedovic has excellent size for a point guard, though naturally, he's more of a combo guard. He's someone who excels with the ball in his hands. He's simply a playmaker at the end of the day."
Jonathan Wasserman, Bleacher Report

"Probably the most explosive European player at this year's draft."
Luka Bassin, International Scout and Coach

"Warriors got a point guard prospect who has a great first step, can get to the rim and will impress with his dunking ability."
Steve Berman, Bay Area Sports Guy

"An explosive kid with an solid athletic skill set, an energy guy who can attack the rim on every situation and move the defense with his slashing abilities. This year he's also improved his 3-point shooting (from 26.8 per cent in 82 attempts to 39.2 per cent in 152 attempts)."
Lorenzo Neri, Draftology

"He has a slashing style of game, able to draw fouls and withstand contact when off balance … He plays with maturity and confidence, showing reliable leadership skills."
Dave Bortoluzzi,

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