It’s days like this that make us glad basketball is played indoors. In typical Denver fashion (so we’re told), yesterday’s beautiful sunny day was followed by a flurry of snow and wind today. But while the Warriors do have to prepare for the Denver altitude, at least they don’t have to worry about playing in these elements. A few blocks away, the Colorado Rockies and Atlanta Braves aren’t so lucky.

Monday’s practice was the Warriors’ second without David Lee, but the team was in relatively good spirits as they continued to prepare for tomorrow’s Game 2. While the loss of their All-Star is undoubtedly still on the top of their minds, each player knows that this series is far from over. Many of the players would probably prefer that the game was tonight, as they are as eager as ever to get back on the court, but they’ll have to wait just a bit longer. Tomorrow’s game tips off at 8:30pm Mountain Time (7:30pm Pacific), but it cannot come soon enough for this group.

View photos and video of today’s practice below, and get a glimpse at the weather conditions with Warriors Reporter Laurence Scott’s intro.

Stay tuned for much more behind-the-scenes coverage and analysis as we count down to Game 2. And while you wait, check out our Facebook page for today’s Playoff Ticket Scavenger Hunt clue. As usual, two tickets are up for grabs.

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