We’re back with another edition of the Bloggers Roundtable, and with Game 2 fast-approaching on Tuesday, as well as some huge developments over the last couple days, there’s plenty to discuss. Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break), Steve Berman (Bay Area Sports Guy), and Rich Twu (Golden State of Mind) reflect back on a heartbreaking Game 1, and later today, they’ll relate their expectations for what should be an exciting matchup in a crucial Game 2.

What impressions did Game 1 leave you with?

Adam Lauridsen | Fast Break | @GSWFastBreak
One positive and one negative. The positive -- the Warriors managed to dictate the tempo. Denver played far more of the game in the half court than they prefer and the Warriors managed to get stops in a lot of those situations. The one exception was Andre Miller, who hit a bunch of clutch shots in half-court sets before his game-winning lay-up. Otherwise, the Warriors executed their defensive game-plan. Everyone hustled back on defense to stop transition buckets, Bogut's rim protection was a huge help and Thompson played his usual sound defense on the perimeter. The negative -- Denver's depth is tremendous. Karl cycled through his rotation and found momentum changing contributions from Brewer, McGee and -- most of all -- Miller. Add Faried back into the mix and the Nuggets get even deeper. The Warriors were going to have depth problems before Lee's injury. Now, it'll be up to guys like Green, Landry, Ezeli, and maybe even Jefferson to get the most from their increased minutes.

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Steve Berman | Bay Area Sports Guy | @BASportsGuy
The Warriors and playoff basketball were finally re-introduced on Saturday after a long layoff, and Game 1 couldn't have been more dramatic. The Warriors held the lead, lost the lead, then punctuated a great comeback with a Stephen Curry three in the corner with less than 15 seconds remaining. The miraculous, for a brief moment, seemed possible. Then Andre Miller knifed through the lane, past Draymond Green and clear of Andrew Bogut, and laid it in off the glass with 1.3 seconds left.

Right when we allowed ourselves to believe, Miller reminded us how difficult playoff basketball can be -- particularly on the road. Yet the Warriors kept the game at a pace that favored them, rebounded well and played good enough defense to hold the go-go-go Nuggets under 100 points. As I mentioned in a previous Blogger's Roundtable segment, Bogut always says keeping opponents under the century mark is the key. The difference in Game 1? Curry couldn't hit a shot in the first half and Golden State missed a few too many layups. They showed they could play with the Nuggets, but a day later we found out they'd have to play the rest of this season without David Lee.

Bay Area Sports Guy: Loss of David Lee provides opportunities for Warriors who remain.

Rich Twu | Golden State of Mind | @poormanscommish
1) To George Karl's credit, Steph Curry got bullied. I wouldn't even say an "adjustment" needs to be made. There must be a bigger, more over-arching word out there. I would probably say an entirely revamped mental approach needs to "implemented".

2) David Lee played a bit nervous, but that's all a moot point now with him out.

3) Andrew Bogut *is* a factor even with this pace.

4) Klay Thompson is improving dramatically before our eyes.

5) Harrison Barnes needs to be utilized more, especially with this tempo. He's one of the better athletes on the floor and Mark Jackson would be wise to use that to the Warriors' advantage.

6) The Warriors played great defense. If they continue to play like that consistently, they just might have a chance to steal the series, even now down 0-1. However, the injury to Lee means someone needs to step up defensively as a starter.

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