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Social Recap: Klay Breaks NBA Records and Twitter

Social Media Reacts to Thompson's Historic Performance

You know that part in Old School where Will Ferrell’s character channels an inner-voice and flawlessly answers a question during a debate and then suddenly comes to and asks what happened? That’s kind of what happened on January 23 with Klay Thompson. Don’t get us wrong, the Warriors’ guard was having an incredible game to that point. He scored 13 points in the first half and then made his first eight shots of the third quarter, but then something that was already pretty great became the stuff of legend.

Over the final 3:03 of the quarter, Thompson out-scored the Kings 18-3. The rest you know... 37-point third quarter, NBA record nine 3-pointers in the period, perfect 13-for-13 shooting in the quarter.

Afterwards, Coach Steve Kerr joked that Klay Thompson "took down social media" with his record breaking performance . Kerr may have been joking, but Twitter could not stop talking about the ultimate heat check performance from the Warriors guard. "Klay Thompson", "37 POINTS", "THIRD QUARTER", "Warriors" and other related topics were trending for the majority of Friday night. "Klay Thompson" was trending for well over 12-straight hours, racking up close to 11,000 mentions per hour.

Everyone from current players, to former players, to media, to fans, to anyone with a Twitter account was buzzing about what was going on at Oracle Arena. Here's how Klay's historical performance unfolded on social media.

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